My Journey – Pooja Jassal
Jassal-Pooja 7th March 2020 430Category: My Journey.(0)
My Journey - Pooja Jassal

Hi Pooja, Please tell us about yourself

I, Pooja Jassal based in Punjab. I am a digital marketer and addicted to achieve my goals. I am a fun loving person. Also, I love cooking too. After completing my graduation in Computer Science & Engineering From Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, Bathinda. I worked in IT industry for 4 years. But passion for Digital Marketing helped me to start my own Blog and Social Media Optimization. I help small and medium scale business to grow their leads by getting on the top of Google when someone searches their business.

Share about your business

I am an Organic Digital Marketer Specialist. I help companies, solopreneures and startups to automate their Weekly Digital Marketing Strategy by spending just 2 hours a week.

Share something from your Corporate Career

I have spent 3.5 years as an Employee. This is the best learning phase of my life. One of my friend who is my mentor and strong supporter for making me as a Entrepreneur.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business?

One of my friend who is my mentor and strong supporter for making me as a Entrepreneur. He also helped me to strengthen my inner qualities.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

I am start loving myself. This is one of the best achievement in my life. I have achieved award of honour extraordinary leader of excellence from MentorX Event.

The difference you have made to others

Motivating all women to be extraordinary. Start seeing your worth.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Me as a one of the strongest and Independent successful women in my field. Also, Acknowledged for Women’s empowerment.

Anything else you wish to share

Creating value in each and every independent women for achieving new goals and growth.

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial journey

Strong Network

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

Strong Connection and Guide me about new things or industry requirement

Please share something for eGrowth

eGrowth is one of the best platform for Independent Women and any Entrepreneur.

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