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Please tell us about yourself

I am simple woman who has managed to retain the little girl in her. I play different roles at different times: Starting from a Creative Entrepreneur to Writer to Housewife and a Mother. I have always retained peace and happiness as barometers for engaging in an activity or a task. I am still rediscovering myself and am thankful to all the people in my life who have helped me to bring out the hidden potential in me.

Share about what you do

I am the founder of Monika Success Academy. We are into Coaching and Consultancy. We coach Entrepreneurs; Professionals; Individuals and Corporates on Success Strategies : main elements required to be successful and achieve your goals. We consult FMCG companies on Marketing and branding. Helping them to create vision; effective strategies; content and business promotions.

Say something about your beginning

I was a very active child during my childhood and would participate in all extracurricular activities. I surprised my teachers when I got selected in school’s basketball team-I being the shortest in height. They would always tell me that I have got a high will power and determination; both the assets which I value till now. Having my corporate experience for 19 years..and having served as senior executive in Marketing; I went on to attend an advance programme at Harvard Business School where I met an Entrepreneur into technology –Rashik. Someone in the group asked him how did he have all the courage to initiate his business…to which he simply replied: “I didn’t have a courage to work for somebody else.” This changed my perspective. I came back and called him up to ask “How to prepare a website without investing.” And rest is a history.

What have been some of your achievements

There have been several achievements on this entrepreneurial journey. Few of them I would like to mention:
  1. My network grew abundantly almost by magic. Of course networking groups like eGrowth facilitated.
  2. My first international speaking platform; wherein I was live in an interview from Texas will always be a memorable experience.
  3. Our Collaboration with Prestigious Times of India is yet another milestone.
  4. Creating my own open event for Entrepreneurs at Taj was an achievement which built foundation for other successes.

The difference you have made to others

I am still on my journey of impacting others through my skills. However I am blessed to have been a medium to impact approx 3000 children; 300 teachers and 250 parents and several thousands entrepreneurs and professionals through my Seminars; Workshops; Coaching; Mentoring and Contribution through blogs.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

A Contributor for Successful Transformation.

Anything else you wish to share

I desire to work in the area of Education : Helping to transform from the conventional system towards a system preparing students for Practical Life.
 Monika is a success coach. She is from New Delhi and is the founder of Monika Success Academy
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