My Journey – Kirti Bajpai
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My Journey - Kirti Bajpai

Hello Dr. Kirti, please tell us about yourself

I am Dr. Kirti Bajpai. I have done my doctorate in Psychology.I have been an educationist and have worked with Delhi Public School Gurugram for the last eleven year’s, mentoring parents and students to lead a better life.
Few year’s back I met with an accident and was almost on bed for four year’s.That is when I felt the need to approach a counselor.With little money in my pocket and hope I approached various health care centers. I found it difficult to continue my therapy because of exhorbitant charges.
That’s what motivated me to pursue my passion of becoming a Psychologist Counselor.
During my journey I got hand’s on experience of working at Moolchand Medicity Lajpat Nagar under the able guidance of Dr.Jitendra Nagpal and his team.Their passion towards their profession helped me to learn and grow further. Since then my journey began…

Share about your business

I work as a freelancer Counselor Psychologist and Hypnotherapist.

Why suffer, Seek help !

Fed up of long term therapy and exorbitant bills? Dr.Kirti Bajpai PhD in Psychology, a practicing freelancer Counsellor Psychologist has a very informal approach towards visitors,as it helps them to get in a comfort zone. I hold a belief that if someone has the will to understand his/her problems, he/she is half cured already.

I am trained in Counselling Diploma Course, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Drill Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Hypnotherapy. These therapies are appropriate for children, adolescents, adults , families, and couples.

Share something from your Corporate Career

Teaching at DPS Sector 45 Gurugram was a beautiful journey where I got immense support from my Principal and got an opportunity to handle various duties and responsibilities.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business ?

While teaching I realised that knowledge of Psychology helped me to identify various concerns of students and parents. I could easily identify and guide them to overcome their concerns to change their life for better. This gave me immense satisfaction.That’s when I realised that I wanted to touch many more lives and help people learn, grow and be independent  by taking up Counseling as my career.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

  1. Identifying learning disability and asking parents to seek help right on time.
  2. Practical learning through conducting visits to village, Post Office etc
  3. Reviving our Indian culture by being active member of INTACH and ITIHAAS club.
  4. Bringing a smile on the faces of senior citizens by doing volunteer work àt Samarth NGO in Gurugram.

The difference you have made to others

Changing Lives by helping people lead a more meaningful, Independent life.By helping them develop self Love, self esteem through Counseling without charging fee for those who could not afford to pay.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Empathy and to consider a client as your own child, guiding them yet making them independent.

Anything else you wish to share

I want to touch as many lives as possible and help people to take step towards self love which is lacking somewhere in our society. Want to extend my services by being a part of organization’s like United For Her and taking it to a greater height.

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial journey

It haa given me a platform via social media to spread my good intention and cause…

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

To reach out to people who need help and are clueless where to go or whom to approach for emotional support especially when their near and dear ones do not understand them.

Please share something for eGrowth

I think this a great initiative by eGrowth to empower women, giving a platform to other women who are still waiting for that turn to achieve their dreams.

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