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Ms. jueria Khan 7th March 2019 610Category: My Journey.(0)

A strong minded and a passionate girl. Passionate for being independent who strives to achieve more and more each day. What makes my journey unique is my utmost love and passion for my work. I always dreamt of rare & big things and finally started my journey through “She” at the age of 19. Its strange how it didn’t affect me when everybody around me were enjoying their College life, I chose to stand alone and took my first step towards my dream. I truly believe that a person may have lots of skills & experience but without passion for what you are doing you are likely not to elevate your work to the next stage. Being raised in a traditional muslim family, I have really been lucky to get major support in my studies from my parents ; Completed my 12 from Cambridge School & persuing my degree from Delhi University.

Share about your business

From my childhood days I have been a great fan of jewellery, wearing my mother’s designer pieces to look good in the mirror to playing the role of jewellery designer I really loved them.
“Jewellery” are those little but influential pieces which directly connects the emotion of every individual.
Buying a ring for engagement or gifting a cute bracelet to the girl child on her birthday it connects a lot of hearts . At “SHE” we are dedicated to provide the best quality and designer pieces to our customers. We deal in artificial jewellery from rings to necklaces and girl’s stuff from handbags to dresses. We welcome everyone who wants their own unique style of jewellery to follow our Insta page. We provide quick correspondence to our customers and have built a lot of happy customers. SHE is the perfect choice for every girl out there, whether she wants a ring of pride for celebrating her honourable career or whether its a ring for her first love.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business or take up the career you are in?

My biggest inspiration was my faith that I had on myself due to which my mind refused to settle for anything less and always pushed me towards my goals.
“Nothing can be more inspiring than your ownself which means that nobody can inspire a person much more than his ownself “
As when we decide to do something and are truly passionate about it ; some way or the other we will definitely end up finding the exact way towards it. Also, as I grew up into an individual thought personality my father always use to teach me the importance of self dependence. At the early age of 16 years , I started working with my father in his export business as a merchandiser and managing assistant which gave me a lot of experience and a significant mapping of my own career.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

I believe the biggest achievement of a person is to achieve satisfaction from his life ; Satisfaction and peace from what he is doing. So my achievements are the smiles of my happy customers after receiving my products. All their appreciating reviews and love makes my day.

The difference you have made to others

My friends even my customers who got to know about my journey and my passion, get motivated. They also strive to be as hardworking and passionate about their goals Seeing this motivation in them I really feel honourable.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

In my opinion I have not done something exceptional But being a good human being makes all the difference. I want to be acknowledged for my dedication, passion and my hardwork.

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Amazing platform for promoting business and sharing lifestories
eGrowth has given me a platform to share my journey and connect to lot of people , which is the first very essential step of any business and am really thankful to eGrowth for this.
I look forward for eGrowth to connect me to a number of people and attracting buyers all over the country.

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