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Hemal Bhanushali 28th February 2018 551Category: My Journey.(0), Services.(0)

Please tell us about yourself

My self Hemal Bhanushali I am Textile Engineer by profession Have my own small institute in Mulund, Mumbai  by name Ashapura Designing Institute.. (ADI) I am from NIFT. I have 3 kids, 2 daughters and a son.

Share about what you do

I run a small institute for Fashion Textile and sewing. Apart from this I run a club for kids by name ADI KIDS CLUB, where we nature child’s career, nature, etc. Under this roof we have education and activities both in one program I have named this program as EDUACT. Not to leave health behind I have started ADI fitness CLUB. Wherein I take personal training for weight loss and prenatal yoga My daughters have jointly started a magazine by name @Glance kids MAG, for which I work as head organizer. This my small journey so far. My small goal is my name Hemal should be known to more and more people

Say something about your beginning

As child I always wanted to be a teacher and so to enhance this I chose teaching fashion instead of making it. And my love to stay with my kids gave road to form ADI kids Club. These things were putting my health at risk, thus ADI fitness CLUB was born @GLANCE kids MAG is my elders daughter’s project and how can a mother not help!! Thus being part of these magazine became my passion

What have been some of your achievements

What field I have been associated with always brought me respect but biggest achievement I can say is to get 80000 subscribers from all over India in 10 months journey of @GLANCE kids MAG.

The difference you have made to others

@GLANCE kids MAG.. Have cultivated back reading habits in kids..

What do you want to be acknowledged for

To be know as face of @GLANCE kids MAG

Anything else you wish to share

Nothing is impossible And hard work, proper path and guidance will yield you your goal. Work work until you succeed
 Hemal is a multifaceted person. She is from Mulund, Mumbai, and runs Ashapura Designing Institute and @GLANCE kids MAG
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