My Journey – Gunjan Mistry

Please tell us about yourself

Mad and wise, a blend of both, is what you will find in me. Gunjan is my name and I hail from Mumbai – the city of dreams. And being true to the tagline for my city, I have a lot of dreams and desire for them to come true. But these dreams that I have are not those of a fairy-tale wedding or a prince on the horse, they are ones of adding value to the society and and my Nation at large. Thinking the ‘big picture’ and weaving more dreams and ideas to improve my nation and world are my daily chores! You can call me an earthworm, who is pushing the muck hard right now, but when I am done, there will be a very rich soil all around for sure!

Share about what you do

I am presently working as a Master Facilitator with a leading Institute in the Skill Development Domain. Training Trainers and enabling them to make a positive impact on the youth of India is my daily work. Besides this, guiding, coaching and mentoring students as well as trainers from various domains also forms a part of my life. They say – ‘ give a fish and feed for a day, teach how to fish and feed for life!’ following this in my career has been rewarding to me always. Imparting skills to the trainers as well as the youth and feeding them for life is the passion I carry with me all the time. Seeing a positive and sustainable change in the lives of the youth makes me happy, content and proud all at the same time! I may not be exactly where I had dreamt of being – But I am still doing what I had dreamt of doing – making a positive Impact and influencing thousands of lives! I am living my dream in disguise! Also, I aspire to be the author – a bestseller books’ author!

Say something about your beginning

My childhood was that of a loner. I was teased, looked down upon and pushed around because of being the youngest in the group, being not too rich and also being too shy! Books became my best friends and a new life began for me without me even knowing. The wealth of knowledge that I had amassed made me popular and I moved from ‘being looked down upon’ to ‘ being looked up to!’ A learner at head and an entrepreneur at heart, I have been weaving many ideas and dreams of a successful business enterprise. I believe in this one dream I have held all my life – to be super rich and powerful so that I can influence positive changes in my Nation and the world! (Like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg) and this dream was born due to the hardships I faced as a child and as a Girl!

What have been some of your achievements

Trained more than 250 teachers and trainers pan India; trained more than 3000 students pan India

The difference you have made to others

I have added more value to the lives of my students, trainers as well as the people who I have worked with.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Emerging victorious out of all the struggles thrown at me and becoming successful and strong.

Anything else you wish to share

I have around eleven years of experience in various domains of Education and I have struggled through a lot (financial crisis, gender bias, societal conditioning, ragging, bullying, injustice and more ) to achieve this success in my life, and I can proudly say today that all these storms have made me tougher and a stronger woman today!
 Gunjan is a Master Facilitator in Skill Development form Mumbai
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