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Gunjan Hassan 1st March 2018 768Category: My Journey.(0), Services.(0)

Please tell us about yourself

Live a Life with purpose, gratitude and a legacy for the next generation. My business is an initiative to reflect my passion and values: Appreciation for well-made things, food or otherwise, affinity for leading life full of vitality and a belief that promoting health makes the world a better place.

Share about what you do

Born & Brought up In Delhi. Completed Schooling form APJ Sheikh Sarai in the year 1997. Spent my initial years in Garment & Education sectors. Started a new journey in the year 2017 as an entrepreneur by setting up a virtual health food restaurant. Besides food I like promoting traditional Indian sarees & handloom by wearing them , buying from weavers and handicrafts from artisan. Fitness, music & travel is something without which I can’t survive for long.

Say something about your beginning

I had a childhood full of emotional struggle as I lost my parents during formative years. The outcome was that me and my brother learnt to live independently quite early in age under fatherly care of my maternal Uncle, Mr Abdul Waheed Khan. After passing out from school I started working quite early during my 2nd year of Graduation. Could not complete my graduation as I moved on in my career journey from garment trade to managing and supporting my uncle in his restaurant business till motherhood happened, then spent the next 5 yrs as a full time mother. Post that I devoted a couple of years working as a Speech & personality development trainer for children. Around this time my quest for doing something I love had already precipitated and soon I had this visualization..”Scarcity is the mother of invention”. Couple of years back finding refreshing, flavorful salads and meals were nothing short of a treasure hunt. It all started in the summers of 2015 from making salads for self and then making it for friends with similar interest in fitness and food. That’s how I got it rolling post 2 years of rigorous work on research, development and trials to bring the concept out in the market. It started with our first order in the form of a weekly subscription and there begins the journey.

What have been some of your achievements

I got my first big corporate order even before my basic set up was ready. We rolled in revenue in advance. Order fulfillment started during the first week with literally negligible investment.

The difference you have made to others

I empowered the women from the lowest strata of the society by skilling them as they were the human resource for me in the very first year.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Setting up a profitable and scalable business with insignificant capital in a highly competitive market.

Anything else you wish to share

This challenging journey has been well supported by my spouse Arman Ahmed and my son Zohran. They both are a huge source of inspiration and motivation.
 Gunjan is  the Co-Founder of Healthylicious Kitchen, a Virtual Restaurant from South Delhi
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