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Geeta Nandakumar 25th February 2018 555Category: My Journey.(0)

Please tell us about yourself
A journalist of over two decades, now an entrepreneur promoting art and culture events and stepping into publications and BTL activity. All people with a yen for art and wanting to explore creative realms are welcome to join my endeavour
Share about what you do
Creative Vistas has been founded to push the envelope in taking art and culture to more and more people. The more eclectic the art, finer the sensibilities of people exposed to it
Say something about your beginning
The quest for self actualization first saw me getting into journalism. And with my love for reading, giving expression and writing became a natural corollary. And so began a roller-coaster ride in journalism. Before the advent of the internet era where one had to have indepth knowledge of people and news, it was a different time when originality ruled the roost. And from a rookie journalist I rose to the position of news editor with several dailies……..and then when I wanted to explore new spheres of communication, promoting art and culture was something I chose to do, as I felt a special joy when artists and audiences connected resulting in a tremendous awakening of sensibilities.

What have been some of your achievements
An interesting journey in journalism both disseminating news and also pushing the envelope on the creative front. And in the last several years bringing people closer to art and being witness to the awakening of deep humaneness…also been able to a large extent juggle work and home fronts.
The difference you have made to others
Be it work or home, humaneness and appealing to the finest human sensibilities has been the leitmotif of life
What do you want to be acknowledged for
An iconoclast who has never hesitated to tread the difficult path and also one among thousands of women, who believe the strong ones who have braved all the vicissitudes of life will inherit the earth

Anything else you wish to share
I think we are in the cusp of a time when growth will be exponential and men and women will collaborate fabulously sans any discrimination or one-up-man-ship

Geeta is the CEO of an event management company from New Delhi called Creative Vistas

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