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I, Ekktaa Agerwaal belong to the pious city, VARANASI, hailing from a spiritual and religious family, now settled in New Delhi.
Always connected to almighty in various ways like chanting of mantras, meditation, spiritual discourses, following teaching of Gurus.
Since childhood I have always been attracted to occult and spiritual sciences.
In early stages of life, I started journey with Reiki. I started as a learner and then a healer professionally.

Share about your business

I am a professional Reiki healer
A Mahavastu expert, and a star numerologist assisting people professionally.
An active and well known social worker in society.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

Gurus and teachers have always been a blessings in my life. With their grace I achieved the platform of:
Certified Mahavastu expert.
Certified grand masters in Numerology.
Certified Star numerologist.
Certified Chakra healer.
Certified Reiki healer.
Certified Dowsing expert.
Very well known social worker..

What are some of the high points of your career

I am passionate and dedicated for occult and spiritual sciences. Very focused and positive attitude. I have a very understanding attitude for all my clients.

I have attained mastery in some areas:
Through Numerology, professionally assisting-
Suitable name for new born kids.
Correcting the name of individuals for good fortune and growth.
Guiding people in matrimonial match making.
Analysing clients name with date of birth and suggesting people with suitable lucky names with appropriate remedies for better life and materialistic growth.
Analysing and correcting business/ company names for the best results and output.
Through Vastu:
Drafting and gridding house map.
Correction of negative zones without demolishing.
Recovery of stuck payment.
Resolving health issues.
Relationship issues and many more.

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