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Please tell us about yourself

I am a Homeopath, a Counsellor and Mentor having a rich experience of over 24 + years in the field of medicine and education. I very strongly believe that every child is a genius … something and we should focus on that and try to make that passion to profession and I am trying my bit to help students and parents take the right decisions. I help them know themselves, if needed treat them, heal them and mentor them in their journey of life. I am a proud mother of two beautiful kids, son Nishant pursuing Cyber Security and daughter Nidhi aspiring for the NEET, and a privileged wife of Mr.R.K.Sharma, an educationist/mathematician for over 24 years.

Share about what you do

Do what you love and love what you do…. is a motto with which I started mentoring the young minds to help & guide them in taking the right decisions which are more informed. Today’s era is the era of super specialization and we are dealing with the GenX ….who has immense potential and the industries are having tremendous scope too….but which profession suits me is the question for which I mentor the young brains. Being associated with Times of India as the Wellness Consultant I have been taking up seminars and workshops at various schools and colleges and organisations on various topics dealing with Health – Mental & Physical, Education, Performance Enhancement, Career, Behavioural issues, Relationship issues, Addictions etc. Also have been conducting seminars and workshops at various corporate offices and HR Events for Performance Enhancement, Stress & Anger Management, Compatibility, Parenting, Individualised De-stressing mechanisms etc. Have also treated and mentored students of Kota , Rajasthan , for over 19 years to improve their concentration, and perform better at the competitive exams and take care of their health and anxiety issues and addictions . I have included different healing techniques along with homeopathy to give the best results.

Say something about your beginning

I am proud to be a Mumbaiyite. Born and brought up in Mumbai in a middle class Rajasthani family, where I was the only girl child to take up science. A life full of struggle and hardships where I worked along with my medical studies by taking up tuition, working at hospitals etc. married and settled in Kota, Rajasthan, with Rewant Sharma, a mathematician and educationist who has been instrumental in transforming lives of more than 25000, engineering aspirants to reality. I stayed in Kota for over 18 years and was associated with Bharat Vikas Hospital as the HOD, Homeopathy, and also had my clinic – AASTHA CLINIC, where I mentored, treated students and parents for their various physical and mental ailments. I was also associated with various clubs and NGOs conducting seminars and workshops for students and their adolescent issues. After shifting to Mumbai in 2010 I focused on counselling the young brains and mentoring them to choose their career based on their individual traits. Because here the students have immense potentials but they just fall prey to distractions and are unable to channelize themselves and are also spoilt for choices. While conducting a workshop at a leading corporate firm for stress management I thought that the main reason for stress other than competition was the wrong choice made during the initial years. Because the profession did not match with the individual, his/her strength, personality, passion, interest etc. People do not know how to de-stress themselves, what makes them really happy, which career is best suited for them and hence they just keep doing trial and error…. also in relationships we keep blaming the other person without knowing the why of things ….. because once you know why this person is behaving …..the acceptance and recovery is easy …..Hence the Compatibility testing for parents and kids, spouses, partners , employer-employee etc.

What have been some of your achievements

My greatest achievement is the SMILE on the face of the client and their success stories. I cherish it and look forward to it. Other than that have been awarded initially by the Smita Patil award for highest in X Boards in Marathi. HOD at Bharat Vikas Parishad Hospital, Kota. Several clubs and NGOs for services in the Education Industry at Kota. In Mumbai being associated with Saraf Campus as the Chief BAT Counselor for their various students at  20+ different institutes. Conducted workshops and Career Guidance seminar for Patel Samaj, Agrawal Samaj for hundreds of students . Being invited at the HRIA Summit at Mumbai for conducting a presentation. Associated with various corporate Heads like Mr. Devang Nerella, Atom Technologies, Mr.Gandhi, Everest Masala, Mr.Mathur, Welspun, Mr. Gunjan , Zobble Solutions . Conducted workshops and seminars at various classes, schools, colleges including Saraf school, college, K.J.Somaiya College, school, N.H. English Academy, Poddar School, N.L.Dalmia School, Thakur College, Gundecha School etc associated with Richlife, an IBM powered project.

The difference you have made to others

I feel proud and privileged in being instrumental in mentoring and guiding the young brains and help them achieve their dreams in the field of education, career, business, relationships and life for over 24+ years. To see how the lives of students transformed by making the right choices in their career which saved them from being enslaved …and stressed . How they are able to be more focused, concentrated , confident and most important – happy in whatever they pursue. The families which were strained due to expectations not met at either ends, and having strained relations …. how they have found peace within, how they developed the understanding and started living with peace and happiness and understanding. The professionals making the right career choices , upgrading their life by taking proper measures and qualifications etc. the mothers who are able to re- kindle the fire and start their profession all over again, or start up or hobbies and thus enjoying life with a new and improved version of themselves who is more content and independent the professionals who are at the crossroads and not able to continue the journey further because of their wrong choices etc. the entrepreneur who is able to understand their staff better and knows which task to be assigned to which staff and how to leverage the best and improve the efficiency of each employee and also to be more stress-free and productive and healthy ….mentally, physically and spiritually.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

For being instrumental in transforming lives and mentoring them and healing/ treating them physically , mentally and psychologically. Overall improving performance and improving the standard of life being more understanding and compatible to the family, relations , spouse, partner, staff, friends etc. Mentoring students achieve their dream career, professionals their dream job and designation, families their bonding and love .

Anything else you wish to share

Thank you for this platform. Best wishes . It would be nice if I am able to connect with more and more students, professionals etc so that I can be instrumental in transforming their lives too because usually the people who come to us come after facing so many failures and hardships. So help me to connect them as early as possible so that they can make more informed choices and follow their dreams and be happy.
 Dr. Anita Sharma is a Mentor, Counsellor and a Homeopath based in Mumbai, India
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