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Please tell us about yourself

I am Deepti. I reside in South Bangalore with my family. Apart from being a mom of two boys, my husband and I run our own businesses. I have a background in the IT industry in Australia where I worked as a Business Analyst for multiple organizations. I started my own venture after returning to India couple of years ago.

Share about what you do

I run two indoor play centers known as KydzAdda. KydzAdda was first conceptualized and established 4 years ago with its first center in Banashanakari. It was the time when I was trying to keep my kids entertained away from the gadgets when I thought of creating a clean, safe and hygienic space for kids while also ensuring that parents have a relaxing time. The whole idea of KydzAdda was to encourage kids to engage in physical play by running, jumping, climbing and building their cognitive skills by free play. Hence came the jungle themed integrated play gym on soft mats with slides, trampolines, ball pits, tunnels etc. Party halls to celebrate kids birthdays and any special occasions for the family as a whole to create some beautiful memories to ensure kids have a lovely time whilst the parents have a lovely meal has been incorporated. We also conduct regular workshops and activities for kids and adults to learn new skills. 3 years after successfully running the Banashanakari Kydzadda, we opened the new center last years on Bannerghatta Road (Arekere). Spread across 10,000 sqft, the play area here is based on the ocean theme with a completely separate toddler play zone. We celebrate festivals, organize events etc.

Say something about your beginning

Beginning – It’s a very interesting word. Childhood years have been great… I have always been a very social person and loved to have lots of friends. I made and continue to keep in touch with some very close friends from childhood. In terms of my studies, I chose the IT way because it seemed very interesting. I completed my bachelors and pursued my Masters in Melbourne – Australia after which I worked for 12 years in the IT industry before returning to India. Start of any business is an interesting journey for anyone. Especially for me being a first time entrepreneur in a city where I had never worked before was challenging. I should also mention my husband Mahesh who had the confidence in me and helps me run the operations till date.

What have been some of your achievements

So far, my biggest achievement is that my kids are happy and content. We have managed to ensure that the business never came in the way. Apart from that, I am glad that we are able to operate two centers and have established a good reputation.

The difference you have made to others

We have created some lovely memories for children by celebrating their birthdays at kydzadda. We have also associated with number of charitable drives. We do clothes collection drive every Christmas, we participated in food donation drives etc.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

My entrepreneurial journey. It wasn’t easy to move countries with a young family to a new place, starting a business which was never tried or tested and now to run multiple centers with all probability of potential expansion.

Anything else you wish to share

A word of advise to every woman out there (considering Women’s day is not far) – Believe in your passion and try to accomplish the same. Don’t let the fear of failure discourage you to give it a try.
 Deepti is the founder of KydzAdda, Bangalore, India
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