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Please tell us about yourself

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.- Nelson Mandela This is how I best describe myself where I explore human mind through handwriting and capture true selfies. As a Handwriting Analyst and Graphotherapist I explore the beautiful mind hidden behind the lines, curves, and strokes of your writing. In this life’s process I am a proud by-product of ‘Work In Progress’.

Share about what you do

Pen, paper and an intense love affair with ‘handwriting’ A pen, paper and plenty of love for the crests, troughs and the axis of the alphabets led me to explore the curious field of Graphology. Handwriting Analysis is an intricate technique involving the study of a range of parameters. Right from the size of letters, angles, shapes, links, spaces, pen pressure and variance to the movement of the hand – the science of graphology studies the energy that guides the hand and the message which subconsciously gets stated on the paper. Just how Sherlock would diagnose ‘moral insanity’ in the criminal mastermind Moriarty in A Game of Shadows using graphology, in the same manner I explore the deeper connection that exists between handwriting and the human mind. I knew my heart lay in training and imparting knowledge and interacting with people, and finally in 2016, I embraced my love of graphology and started practicing it professionally. Through various training and workshops, I try to make people more aware of themselves by analyzing their ‘brainwriting’ and give a realistic view on problems that confront them from all walks of life, every day of their lives.

Say something about your beginning

I was born in Mumbai to a well-educated family. Like most children who inherit such a lineage I too proved to be a meritorious child. Yes, slightly partial to subjects like microeconomics and consumer behaviour. But that was my prerogative. Many uncertainties created havoc in my system but I was sure that a corporate job and its perks were not my cup of tea. For I was what you call a ‘little people’s person’. And having said that I mean quite emphatically that I was geared to work with innocent minds. I gathered degrees in pre -primary teachers training alongside her Masters in management. It was during this period that I found her being drawn towards graphology (handwriting analysis). And this was not a simple case of curiosity killing the cat. I wanted to explore the connection between handwriting and the human mind. Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, I managed this interval by heading the retail team of a floral design studio and studying further. I realised my calling in the form of entrepreneurship and empowered myself by pursuing post-graduation in marketing management. With my horizons expanded and under the tutelage of my boss, I engaged in a certificate course in graphology, in 2016. I don’t need a heart to heart talk to understand a person. I have a novel method of reading your mind. Graphology is an in-depth science in which your handwriting becomes your DNA sample. It reveals your behaviour and approach to the future. Corporates in their zeal to recruit the ideal candidate have adopted it as new age hiring tool. Graphology has found its way as usage by couples to check their compatibility quotient. The next step in this exquisite subject is graphotherapy, which is reverse psychology. Here you consciously make changes in the writing pattern to have a change in the subconscious mind. So what you have is a healthy combination of science and art. In this exciting and challenging new trade of mine, I have met a range of people. From investment bankers, philanthropists, bestselling novelists, celebrity make-up artist to name a few.

What have been some of your achievements

Successfully coming out of a failed marriage with intact sanity and carving my niche in the field of Graphology. For being acknowledged as ‘The Best New Comer Teacher’ by Bombay Cambridge Gurukul.

The difference you have made to others

I strongly believe there is a story behind every moral.Needless to say, I make celebrities out of my clients. It sets them on the road to confidence and self-esteem where you become your own hero.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Simplifying graphology and transforming it into a fun loving experience.
 Chetna is a Mumbai based Handwriting Analyst and Graphotherapist
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