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Sucheta Acharya HerMarket
A Journey of many journeys is how I describe my entrepreneurial sojourn so far. Coming from a traditional orthodox family where you are encouraged to take care of “family” and rather discouraged on entering business, the journey has never been smooth and not without any challenges. However, every such challenge brought out the best in me and therefore motivation and determination to work further. This is Sucheta Acharya – a first generation entrepreneur – ambitious, go-getter and a self-motivated woman – aspiring to be a role model for many.

How it all began

It was our first child and the desire to give best to the little angel that led to my first thoughts on starting this journey. It was not business per se – but an intention to work on a product that every child deserves and every mother desires. We were looking for a safe, hygienic and natural options on bed sets specific to infants – but could not find any – with most options being that of synthetic and made of fancy stuff. While focus on health in food, hygiene in cloth etc., were desired and options available, there were little or none in infant bed sets. That’s when a thought to venture into a design and production of quilts and bed sets – focused on infants and kids, that are natural, safe and hygienic – has begun. Thus born “Baby prints” – my first entrepreneurial venture.

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Being a first-generation entrepreneur and with zero knowledge or backing from family front, I had to learn everything from scratch right from understanding ‘various types of business” to registering the business, deciding the brand, generating leads, IT tie up for marketing etc. The phase though challenging has helped me honing my skills as an entrepreneur and in understanding facets of the business.

As I grew…

Success and the positive impression of Baby prints led to setting up a regular quilt manufacturing business and by time we realize, we were already in domestic as well as exports business. Participated in international expos in USA and Kenya – which brought us clients from Europe, US, Singapore, Australia and Canada. We hit an unexpected turnover, engaging close to 200 women.


The Journey at HerMarket as Co-Founder has given me chance to use my skills and knowledge on a broader platform It was all learning process for me, everyone I met during this journey added into my knowledge and I am deeply grateful to all of them.
Hoping to make positive changes in more and more women’s life….

What was the inspiration for you to start HerMarket?

My Mother has been the biggest inspiration for me all through my life!!

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

Much more than the entrepreneurial journey, the international award, the top line or the financial numbers, what gives me utmost satisfaction is the fact –
That I could support a number of needy women – who were socially as well as financially stressed and exploited.
That I could rise from every hurdle and overcome challenge, would like to be an inspiration to every woman entrepreneur
That I could make other women rise from their hurdles and overcome challenges and helped them generate revenues though my network

The difference you have made to others

I helped downtrodden, depressed and lost faces of women bring back to main streamline of the society by initially giving them employment and later training them to be business owners.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I am happy that I have made difference in life of few depressed women and make them stand on their own confidently , by making them financially independent

Anything else you wish to share

I want more and more women join HerMarket platform as our vendors, irrespective of the geographical location or the size of the business

Are you a premium member of eGrowth

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial journey

Being a part of INNER CIRCLE has given me a chance to interact with business leaders from all sections of business on regular basis which changed my approach to grow my business altogether

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

I want eGrowth to connect me to more buyers/markets through its network of expertise .

Please share something for eGrowth

eGrowth has opened new opportunities for me to learn more from the industry experts.

Anything else you would like to share or ask

I would like to penetrate in newer markets through eGrowth

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