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Rajashri Rajashekhar 7th March 2021 88Category: My Journey.(0)
Rajashri Rajashekhar
I am Rajashri Rajashekhar, I have a versatile journey with life’s lessons and tough experiences turned into opportunities and purpose of life. Born and brought up in a well educated family, strict upbringing with grooming for the future. Sociologists in heart so throughout the life worked for various social causes before starting my own foundation. Enriching career in HR for 20 years performed roles as global head, strategic head etc. past 10 years after u life my job have been evolving and Transcending experiences for me. I set up HR consulting firm, founded two colleges for Bharati Vidyapeeth, founded Poornam foundation, researching on Gender Neutrality, building gender neutral society by creating awareness amongst youth, police, corporate and women. Driving UN initiative HeforShe. Supporting women in distress, supporting women entrepreneurs. Invited for a talk and session to know about my learnings and research often. On boards and associations. Extremely performance oriented person with wider perspective of life. Voracious reader and explorer having my own personal library, well read on scriptures and guided by scholars in my research.

Share about your business

Poornatva is my flagship program for the organisations to build gender neutral culture, leaders and mindset. Since it’s a research base it’s unique and linked to the outcome that’s in line with the business goals. Assessment followed by interventions are used to build the organisation.

Share something from your Corporate Career

I have had enriching corporate stint. Have been a global leader for EDS-HPs ITO business, have been involved In two mergers, transitioned businesses. Was part of enterprise management system to evaluate the business. Built organisations from zero. Have been women and diversity council head.

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

Freedom and exploration

The difference you have made to others

Through my foundation has touched many lives and doing it. Known for helping and loving person. Contributed a lot in my job and social life

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Being Human

Anything else you wish to share

life is limitless

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