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Punam Gupta
I am FSSAI Authorized Consultant, FoSTaC (FSSAI) Trainer, Auditor for QMS, EMS,FSMS. I have more than 25 years experience in Industries and Food Sector. I have been successfully running my company Octa Life sciences for the last 5 Years. I am running a NGO named as Together We Can Foundation which is mainly work on Food Safety, Environment Safety, Employment Generation & our NGO is registered under 12AA and 80G . Presently, I have created My new startup Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. in which I have Innovated and launched some Unique Natural Products like Tulsi Nasya Inhaler & many more Ayurvedic Products.

Share about your business

I have started my startup Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. with the aim of healthy India. The company is not merely an organization but a thought of creating a healthy society through our Ayurvedic and Patented Products like Tulsi Nasya Inhaler. Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. have different range products like Ayurvedic Products- Tulsi Drops, B.P. Capsules, Sugar Free Capsules, Boost Up Capsules, COVID-19 Essentials Products i.e. 3 Ply Mask, PPE Kits, Sanitizer and Veterinary Feed Supplements i.e. Calcium, Mineral Mixture etc.

Share something from your Corporate Career

I have done a lot of work as a trainer in FSSAI in that period of my life I have gained new experience in the Food Sector. I have learnt about new FSSAI guidelines, new market strategy. After that i have starting giving training to other people to improve Food Safety conditions in India and also to decrease Food Borne illness.

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

My own will power & interest as I was born in a middle-class family with no business background. I started my own business from a computer center when I was in college & pursuing graduation. I want to bring a change in the Society with a aim to make a Healthy India, So I registered myself as a trainer in FSSAI then after attaining knowledge from there, I started imparted training to people & aware them regarding Food Safety, Malnutrition & Hygiene.

What have been some achievements for you and Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.?

  • I was designated Food Safety Mitra by FSSAI.
  • Awarded 2nd FoSTaC Trainer all over India by FSSAI.
  • I got Health Care Start Up Award by Global Triumph Foundation for Start up of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.
  • I got Rashtriya Gaurav Award from Women Power Society.
  • I got Nari Shakti Award from Delhi.
  • I got Award of Best Organizer from Rab Di Mehar by Pharmaxial Council-Dr. Dinesh Dua.
  • I got Award of Excellence in Drug & Food Safety Services by The LOQMAN & Director, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.
  • I Shortlisted out of 6000 Candidates for Second Round of Agri India Hackathon for Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.
  • I Shortlisted for Second Round of NIFTEM Startup Incubation Program in First 51 Candidates for Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.
  • I nominated as an Incubator of Startup for Tejaswani Awards by JCD Vidhypeeth Sirsa & Women Dedication Magazine.

The difference you have made to others

I want that everyone should grow & achieve their goals. I worked as an inspiration of a social activist for my colleagues & other business partners.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I want myself to be acknowledged for a successful Business Entrepreneur and also a Social Worker. I want to set an example for other women that they can also became a successful entrepreneur along with taking care of their family and dear ones.

Anything else you wish to share

Yes, I would like to share My Innovation i. e. Tulsi Nasya Inhaler which has many benefits like Immunity Booster for prevention of Viral & Bacterial Infections of Upper Respiratory Tract, Quick Relief in Allergy symptoms of Nasal, Lungs, Chest Congestion, Cough and Pratishyaya, Directly Impact on Lungs.

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial journey

With the help of eGrowth platform, I want my Innovation i.e. Tulsi Nasya Inhaler has to reach to maximum number of people. My Product Tulsi Nasya Inhaler has many benefits like Immunity Booster for prevention of Viral & Bacterial Infections of Upper Respiratory Tract, Quick Relief in Allergy symptoms of Nasal, Lungs, Chest Congestion, Cough and Pratishyaya, Directly Impact on Lungs. My product will helps people to lead a healthy life as it is chemical free.

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

From your platform, I want to gain full knowledge of Business. I also want to learn the new market strategy so that i can reach my innovation to more people.

Please share something for eGrowth

I want to thank eGrowth for giving me and other people a platform where we can bring something new for the betterment of society and also for providing us the useful knowledge.

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