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Ms. Preeti Muzumdar 2nd March 2021 86Category: My Journey.(0)

Preeti Muzumdar is a coach, trainer, entrepreneur and cake artist She started her career early in her teens working part time in the travel industry, advertising, marketing and then kick started her career working for the ICICI Group in the BFSI and ITES. Worked with ICICI group for over 8 years with 1000+ professionals across 3 countries. From a full time professional to a full time mother, she took a sabbatical and then kick started her home baking business which then grew to scale into full blown retail stores with over 50 lakhs in turnover.

Please tell us about your business

I built a confectionary business under the brand name – Chocokates, for past 10 years for 5000+ super happy customers. Baking memorable cakes for customers as well as corporates. I particularly enjoy training individuals and specially children in baking and cake decoration.

I fulfilled my dream of becoming a certified trainer after joining TLC. As a coach and mentor I have launched two online courses where I am guiding individuals to start their business from home and how to increase their profit in the baking business. I am also a proud VP of the TLC Global where I am working with 600+ coaches trainers and entrepreneurs to launch their training business and grow. I manage mastermind circles and work closely for progress of the authors coaches trainers and speakers.

I am  also an upcoming author for the book – Golden egg in your nest (practical earn from home strategies for financial freedom which will be launched on 14 April 2021.

My philosophy in life is to learn, earn and return which has lead her to the path of sharing her life success story with aspiring individuals who would like to follow her path of starting a Home based business and growing it into a profitable one. My mission in life is to help 100000 individuals to become financially independent and turn their dreams into realities.

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

My inspiration was my mother and my daughter! My mother is very talented and bright but she did not get a chance to educate herself and therefore she wanted me to make the most in my life. And always made sure that I work towards exploring my best potential. My daughter was born 10 years after my marriage and I wanted to give up everything to be a mother. But quiet contrary to my understanding she is so independent that I felt if I limit myself to being a stay at home mom, I will be setting the wrong standard for her. I started by baking cakes for her and enjoyed it so much ! I realised my passion for baking and entrepreneurship

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

I Started my career form her kitchen table which eventually grew to over 50 lakhs in annual sales –
  • Coach
  • Trainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Cake Artist
  • Upcoming author –
  • Worked with ICICI group for over 8 years with 1000+ professionals across 3 countries
  • Successfully running a confectionary business for past 10 years for 5000+ super happy customers

Fulfilled my dream of becoming a certified trainer after joining TLC and successfully launched two online courses I am the proud president of TLC Mumbai Circle

The difference you have made to others

Helped individuals start their career and inspired them to move to the next level !

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Realizing a woman is not just a daughter wife or mother she is more than all of the sum of it

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