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Neetu Jawle 7th March 2021 346Category: My Journey.(0)
Neetu Jawle True Calling
I am Neetu Jawle, a relationship coach. I like to meet people, explore new things and perspectives. I like outdoor activities like adventure sports & nature trails. I believe in empathy for others as well as self care, as those form the basis of fulfilling relationships.
I am passionate about cooking as it helps me unwind.  I do so by experimenting with new healthy recipes. I love activities which brings me closer to myself. I enjoy being myself and being with myself.

My business:

My company’s name is True Calling. As the name suggests, I personally believe coaching was my True Calling.
The people who are associated with True Calling completely understand that we all are equipped with everything that defines us. It means we can be of highest value to ourselves and the people around us or we can just be nobody. It is what we choose for ourselves makes us who we are.
What we do at True Calling is to help every individual to reinvent themselves and reach their highest potential.
How we do that is by making small changes in their daily lives. We support them by identifying what is not serving them which means ineffective ways or patterns. We help them in replacing their disempowering patterns to effective and healthy alternatives.
One of our most powerful tools, “Deep Listening” enables us to understand every individual we come across. It helps us to make them more aware and empathetic towards themselves and makes them understand in a more profound way.

The objective of True Calling is to make you self aware and learn to respect yourself as an individual. The genesis of every important relationship in your life is how you treat yourself at the first place. The relationship with self determines and defines the relationship with others on personal as well professional
As the name suggests it was my True Calling. I was in a different profession before. I realised my purpose of life little later. I was not inspired initially. It just happened to me. Someone recognised that I could do this work better. It just happened to coincide with what i was looking for….


Some of my achievement would be…
  • I have saved a marriage on the day of divorce.
  • I have got someone out of deep depression
  • I have made a mother-son relationship grow from an unhealthy to cordial one
  • I have successfully worked with a schizophrenic person whose life changed from doing nothing to making  him do all activities including studies.

Like to be acknowledged for:

I would like to be acknowledged for bringing peace in people’s lives with ease and grace.

Supportam looking for from eGrowth :

Building long lasting relationships

About eGrowth:

I attended one of the inner circle meetings. I was impressed how business owners were coming forward to support each other to understand each other’s respective businesses to give as much as they could.

Anything else:

Nothing so far but definitely looking forward for some amazing experiences

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