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Nayana Shaiju 7th March 2021 261Category: My Journey.(0)
Nayana Shaiju
I am Nayana,  My mantra is why be mediocre When you can be Extraordinary.. Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. I have an ability to look good in others and make them feel good about themselves. My passion is Public speaking and I coach and train young kids in Public speaking and life skills.

Share about your business

Brainciti is an Online platform to learn Soft skills and mindfulness. We have huge community with subdivisions practicing Daily rituals like 5AM Club, (5AM people join online and practice Meditation, Gratitude writing, Journaling , every single morning with Weekly empowerment talks by Industrial experts. 5AM Dubai team have completed 285 session as of date and India 5AM almost 150 sessions). WE also have YOUNG Empowerment TALK Discussion forums for kids aged 12 to 20 years. Brainciti Signature program is ULTIMATE MASTERMIND Program which is transformational program and we have great success stories to share on this .
Share something from your Corporate Career (Your years spent as an employee, if any)
As a Hardcore IT Sales Person, Connecting to new people, exploring new technology, and adding value to customers needs was always my passion. Had wonderful career with huge deals and success stories. Decade of IT Sales experience keeps me ahead of rest of the people in adapting new technology.

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

Business idea came up with the intention to help young teens to provide a platform where they share their concerns and ask for specific Help. Once I had a child who joined new curriculum school, and was finding extremally difficult to find her voice in new environment, She opened up to me an said Mam!!
“in your class it feel so welcoming to debate a point and express my views, however in school I feel my teacher will judge me.”
Coaching her to see speak up in class and break the mindset of self doubt by few affirmations was a greatest story preserve in my dairy. Having done several training programs for teenage kids, I have involved myself deeply to get to know them and connect to their mentality and thoughts. Being connected to them in WhatsApp and linking their Instagram stories are all little epiphany in my life.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life? *

Won milestone deals for my Company and being one of the first implementer of BYOD technology for 40 Schools as part of development Project. Right from testing to handover I had opportunity to lead the team and be part of this success journey,

The difference you have made to others

we are set of Toastmasters community, and as part of leadership roles had an opportunity to serve the Club members and also visit contraction workers and teach them basic maths and how to write their names. . Mentoring is another role which I love, as I reach out to make difference to new members and kids in achieving their speaking goals. Currently i serve as part of team of Club Growth for District with 3 countries.. This passion led to create new YouTube channel on education. And this, I feel is the best thing happened to me.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I need to be acknowledged for the spark I bring on the platform… the connection I build, the rapport I carry and the vibe I am able to create.

Please share something for eGrowth

I loved this concept , looking forward to explore more.

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