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Manisha Vatsa 3rd March 2021 137Category: My Journey.(0)
Manisha Vatsa
IT’s all about me- UNEXPLORED MANISHA I think a lot.  Take a sound sleep. Jump to snacks. Do some little bit here and there and back to WhatsApp window. Daily unlimited gyan from YouTube. Don’t know the driving force, its YouTube driving Manisha or Manisha’s remarks on YouTube comments are adding values to the presentations. Sure, it’s keeping Manisha engaged throughout the day along with household responsibilities. Enough time to spare for social media.

About my business

What’s next, currently fascinated with plants and production of home made plant fertilizers. I’ve done it. So confident about plantation in pots, bags and anything that makes me feel crazy about it. With the support of nature I grow plants and in return I accomplish cherished moments being with mother nature. Truly Blissful.

Something from my Corporate Career

I have worked with CDAC in IT, TDI into Advertising and Vollzo into Software Testing. 17yrs corporate experience.

My inspiration to start my own business?

Passionate for Happiness

Some achievements from my professional life

  • Birds around the plants. Morning visit for the feed and water. It gives immense pleasure to hear the chirping of birds with different tones and tunes .
  • Terrace walk in the presence of the butterflies, little sweethearts, street dog and a bit scary black bee.
  • In this atmosphere if I see two more smiling faces adds value to this nature.


The difference I have made to others

Increase in the growth of sparrows. Promotion for plantation by free distribution of plants. Support for birds in the surrounding vicinity. They take shelter in the green area of the terrace.

I want to be acknowledged for

Undiscovered. Want to do more for natural surroundings.

Anything else you wish to share

Be honest with yourself.

How eGrowth has added value to your journey

Thankyou Atulji and eGrowth for encouraging to write about Manisha.

Support I am looking from eGrowth

Connection to the like minded people., Work with happiness.

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