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Leena Soneja 3rd March 2021 81Category: My Journey.(0)
Leena Soneja
I am Leena Soneja, Emotional Wellness Expert, work with growth minded, ambitious professionals who want to achieve their potentials to the fullest to get the success they deserve.

About my business

“Empowering Human Lives” the place where we help people to empower themselves by exploring within, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We help people to get what they want in their lives through NLP techniques, manifestation, handwriting analysis and by becoming emotionally intelligent.

My Corporate Career

My journey in corporate has been like a rainbow with lot of different colors – dark and bright. I started my corporate career and gradually became an Educationist serving society through Education.

The inspiration to start my own business

My child and the my struggles became the inspiration for me to be an entrepreneur. There were times when I used to feel guilty, frustrated, angry because of imbalance in work life and home and tired of routine monotonous work with no creativity.
Then the day came I asked myself “What am I looking for?”
And my inner voice told me “Empower yourself”.
I empowered myself and realized that people in the world should also get advantage of getting empowered and so started the journey as an Empowerment Coach.

Some of my achievements

  • I have published several articles
  • 2 of my books are on Amazon – “signature analysis” and “Anxiety to Excitement”,
  • 1 book, creator of 30 day Online Program “Master your Subconscious Mind” ,
  • Creator of podcast “Inspire Self”

The difference I have made to others

Bringing transformation in peoples’ lives, getting positive feedbacks from the participants, able to reach people and change their mindsets are some of the marvelous differences.

What do I want to be acknowledged for

  • Empowering People and community,
  • Changing their mindsets
  • Loving themselves first

Anything else you wish to share

You can visit my website for more information

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