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Mr. Atul Puri 12th March 2018 302Category: My Journey.(0)

At eGrowth we have been busy over past 2 weeks. We published stories form 45 women across India. The experience has been very heart warming.

We have got responses from women who are well established and come from affluent families. And we also have women who come from very humble backgrounds and are making a mark on the globe by what they do.

Our contributors do some amazing stuff –

Fragrances, Interior Design, Gifts, IT & Application Development, Logistics, Training, Dentist, Mentor, Commercial Pilot, Social Worker, NGO, Healer, HR, Homeopathy, Restaurant, Art & Sculptor, Playschool, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Author, Graphologist, Teacher, Style Consulting

The Cities they come from –

Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Navi Mumbai, Kanpur, Panchkula, Nashik, Bangalore and Kuthar (H.P.)


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