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Rosetta Williams 4th March 2021 118Category: My Journey.(0)
Dr. Rosetta Williams
Dr. Rosetta Williams has Innovative spirit with a career spanning 30 years, She has not only managed and led various renowned educational institutes & new academic ventures, but also formed education policies and altered management across multiple locations in India and abroad. Prior to joining Dalmia Vidya Mandir Schools as CEO, she has worked with educational institutes like Edexcel London, and American School. Also served as the Founder Principal for seven Delhi Public Schools for 22 years, and is a highly acclaimed academician of Delhi Public School Society. Later, moved-on to become the Regional Director of Zee Learn, and then the Director of Presidium Schools.

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DVM, one of the oldest chains of schools in India, is working towards bringing quality learning to far-flung places in the country and has been successful in furnishing accessible, affordable yet contemporary and extraordinary learning opportunities to Indian children. Established with a vision to nurture young minds that strive for excellence through active learning, DVM promotes value-based learning for holistic development of the children and helps them to excel holistically across academics, sports, arts and co-curricular pursuits. As an innovative institution, the school has introduced a unique teaching technique.
‘Octave’ (Ashtabhuja – (Tatva), (Adhyapak), (abhibhavak), (aankalan), (sampannata), (Jeevan nipunta), (Sanjaal) and (Sanrachana))
Apart from providing equal learning opportunities to every child, this approach nurtures & develops each child’s unique talent and potential to the fullest Affiliated to CBSE board, DVM not only provides holistic K-12 education, but also crafts children as thinkers, sensitive and respectful global citizens with a progressive outlook. The school enhances academics through quality teaching, quality result, new learning opportunities through fun and experiential learning. DVM takes immense pride in imparting an education that embeds strong Indian values in students. In this journey, teachers also play major role who get frequent professional training, which not just uplifts their standards of teaching, but also keep them aligned with institution vision & mission.

What was the inspiration for you to take up the career you are in?

Teaching was an inherent part of my upbringing and present in my DNA. My professional career started as an English teacher, post which I worked in various reputed schools.
After DPS, I served as Regional Director (North) for Zee Learn Pvt. Ltd. where I managed 275 Kidzee and 75 CBSE Schools and later worked as COO of Radcliffe – a chain of schools. The exposure at Radcliff boosted my experience and expertise across almost all Indian states. Besides, I took various initiatives and launched a bouquet of schools and crafted the existing schools into centres of excellence.
I have proven and tested complete expertise in running all different levels of school & higher education, skill training and other successful business models and service models, whereas converting institutions into a centre of excellence is my forte. I am not just specialized in overall P&L management, operations, administration, infrastructure, HR, training and development but also equipped with sound knowledge of curriculum development, teacher training and understanding of institutional developments, administration, affiliation, academics and public relations. I have authored curriculum specifications for all boards, A levels and Baccalaureate Diploma Program and even rolled-out vocational institutions. Being a constant learner, I have pursued doctorate in education and authored 28 publications besides being proficient in content creation, and teaching with innovative & best practices world over.

What have been some of your achievements?

The reason for the success is design and innovation of its process, that enables the creation of leading learning communities for the future, where the institutions are dynamic, adaptive, self-organizing systems, not only capable but inherently designed to renew themselves and to grow and change. Education Design is about having an intentional process in order to get to new, relevant solutions that create positive impact in institutions. It is a process for transforming difficult challenges into opportunities for education innovation. The process begins from deep empathy and understanding of needs and motivations of people in this case, the students, faculty, parents, staff and administrators. It is collaborative; Thinking benefits greatly from the views of multiple perspectives. Given the range of needs the institution and students have, the design work will never be finished or solved. It is always in progress. Preferred to always give the confidence that new; better solutions for education are possible and can happen. Evolution is the development of the concept over time. It involves planning next steps, communicating the idea to people involved, and documenting the process. Access too many of the leading education institutions and groups across the world. These include the leading universities, schools, accreditation agencies, examination boards, research organizations, education service companies and multilateral organizations.

The difference you have made to others *

In terms of a secular concept of service – in thinking, words and practice, with a “hands down” experience, and with the basic intention of increasing participation of people in economic and social upgradation, as is the need of the hour today, KARM PATH has lived upto its name in laying a strong foundation in organizing and monitoring disciplinary educational programs in the field of academics and other scholastic literary activities. Bringing in a chain of seminars, workshops, competitive large scale events, it has brought to the teaching faculty, student body and community workers, a sense of responsibility in the areas of :-
  • Development of women and children in rural areas
  • Informal education for girls,
  • Development of socially backward women,
  • Inculcation of the present day importance of Science and technology in the minds of women, specially in the rural areas,
  • Focus on the girl child and eradication of the social evil of female infanticide.

The list of problems are never ending, however, the untiring efforts of KARM PATH in rectification thereof have not proved futile. Devoted teachers are striving to help students change marginal grades into good grades, thereby administering energetic intellectual growth and social development, giving them a sense of mutual respect and transparent communication.

Positioning of the required infrastructure in the field of education including libraries, computer center duly supported by out sourced affiliation with prominent corporate levels. Side by side, imparting of teacher’s training par excellence and closely monitoring the performance and take corrective steps for an improved understanding.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Responsible for vision and strategic leadership for the assigned national /international offices, also responsible for the operational leadership that supports the mission and strategic direction, acts as a resource to other national offices, the regional team and the agency as a whole in appropriate areas of expertise. An effective result-oriented entrepreneurial future leader with strong business acquisition skill.
Responsible for the operational leadership that supports the mission and strategic direction; Drive forward management and program quality within the national office and our local partners; ensure the organization and its local partners are prepared to respond to emergencies. Can successfully lead and acquire a diverse and large portfolio of external funding sources. Manage complex government and military relationships. has significant experience in designing and implementing programs with experience in streamlining operations across chains of institution in multiple geographies, responsible for designing strategy, developing guidelines and ensuring its effective implementation, can visualize long term strategy for the organization and align short term goals to that.

How has eGrowth added value to your journey

eGrowth has contributed for great contacts by connecting us with people not just in India but Globally. The team always supports for being connected with different people which leads to great networking adding to our efforts to build trusts.

What support are you looking from eGrowth

Continue the support and making the business/individual discoverable by all and expanding the region and giving platform to generate resources for all.

Please share something for eGrowth

We trust all families are well and adjusting to the present situation, including having your children at home. Our focus continues to be to provide our students and staff with a safe and calm learning environment while maintaining the continuity of the learning program. What an interesting time to be an educator – such possibilities. Here at Dalmia Vidya Mandir School, we are taking a long term view, planning for the possibility of the present arrangement continuing for all of the Terms. I believe we are well placed to provide off-site learning for our students given every child from Nursery to Grade 12 while having access to all e-learning process and practices followed. Dalmia Vidya Mandir has outlined the most recent measures, the school has put in place to support the continuity of the learning program. Suggesting learning resources that you might want to have available at home, resources from school available for effective communication. These Months has been a ‘have a go’ months. A chance for staff to get across providing at-home learning programs and how to support off-site learning. We have been very impressed with the quality of the programs developed and we know they have learned a great deal as well. Staff is rapidly up-skilling in a variety of areas including the use of interactive apps and user-friendly conferencing, which teachers will use to check in with students, conduct group learning activities and support students with their learning. Thank you to all of those families who have been able to follow the Education’s needs to keep your children home as we head deeper into the COVID-19 State of Emergency. While Education remained open for parents, students and teachers. All staff will be engaged in Professional Learning and preparation in readiness to transition to blended curriculum delivery in Terms.

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