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Deepa Khanna 8th March 2021 162Category: My Journey.(0)
Deepa Khanna
I, Deepa Khanna was born in a middle class family in Mumbai & that’s where my heart and soul belong. After completing my schooling & graduation, for a couple of years I worked in Software Company. As a child I was the most carefree, mischievous kid in the family… Slowly things started to change with time. My extrovert nature helped me reach out to Customers with ease & responsibilities turned me into credible person that was visible through my work as a manager & now in all the projects. After working for 25+ years under various roles in different markets taught me agility, understand Customer needs and conduct business fearlessly but with Ethics. Customer Relationship & Satisfaction are the foundation for every business and I strongly believe in it. Starting up was never easy like many other Entrepreneurs, faced many challenges but that never put me on back foot rather these challenges pushed me even further closer to my goals. During my journey on the way got various opportunities to work with many likeminded professionals and create an eco-system. I believe if we can come together for work to achieve & win together.

Share about your business

Kreaativ Mind was established in 2014 and have worked on different projects with SME’s (from Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare, Fintech, Retail Government etc) & Large SI’s. Kreaativ Mind has a team of experts with rich knowledge and experience in Information Systems, Information Security, Cloud Solutions and related technologies. The promoters are professionals who have vast experience of more than decade in Information systems & Information Security. The Kreaativ Mind team comprises expert in Information Systems, Cloud Solutions, networking, Information Security, Audits, Reviews, Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing, Threat Modeling . They have spearheaded projects in implementing various technology requirements from legal, regulatory, compliance perspective and have received several compliments from customers. Our goal is to deliver high quality IT Strategy Consultancy and Services in meeting the needs of Information Technology market in India and abroad enabling customers to meet business challenges, internal quality, delivery channels, and support through our consultancy and services based on best practice methodologies. In today’s business environment, Information Systems Architects are key drivers to provide expertise in functional and technical areas thereby serving business to achieve and deliver growth efficiently and effectively.

Share something from your Corporate Career

My largest Corporate stint was with Intel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. handling West Region (Rest of Maharashtra, MP, Vidarbha Gujarat & Goa) which was the learning curve that helped me carve my destination better and own my journey responsibly. Only after joining Intel, I realized my true potential. Though being one of the first few Ladies Sales Managers at Intel India handling Channel Business, which was fun with its own set of challenges in a male dominated role, at times I used to be traveling for nearly two weeks a month. After Leaving Intel in mid-2012 I started my own Consultancy firm ‘Kreaativ Mind’ focusing on various services in IT & Security domain.
There are a few interesting learnings –
  1. Take Risk to come out of your comfort zone
  2. Work with Integrity
  3. Be Team player
  4. Simplify for Multi level & Multi Vendor Projects to build efficacy
  5. Cross functional role helps bonding
  6. Explore & Innovate

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

Enterprising Women in IT

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

Bagging few large orders leading the external Team

The difference you have made to others

I’m involved in a few initiatives to support women with diverse backgrounds & professions as Mentor

What do you want to be acknowledged for

My Journey is just started and have a long way to go but one thing that I thrive for is Winning diverse customers & being able to make a difference in the lives of other women

Anything else you wish to share

Growth in Economy will happen when we help each other irrespective of caste & Gender….. Impact of such Value for Life will be much larger than any kind of Value for Money. I strongly believe – You Empower a Woman you ultimately empower Society, Melinda Gates

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial / professional journey

Yes have got connected with some amazing entrepreneurs

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

Flexi Platform to build businesses kind of Business Exchange

Please share something for eGrowth

eGrowth has been part of my journey since my initial journey and helped me connect with amazing people including the founder Atul Puri. Atul Puri is one of the dynamic Founders I have ever met his passion to build a befitting platform for Entrepreneurs is something to look forward to

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