My Journey by Dakshayani Shankar Shembekar
Dakshayani Shembekar 6th March 2021 256Category: My Journey.(0)
Dakshayani Shembekar

I am Dakshayani Shankar shembekar, I have done my BSc in Hospitality Management after that done my postgrad from Welingkars in HR

Share about your business

Trunk, Box of Hunger .its a small food outlet ,take away center located in Badlapur Thane. We serve salads, smoothies and many more. Trunk is thought of you describe we will serve…my business is on small scale and newly open

Share something from your Corporate Career

I was working in corporates till 2019 as Assistant Human Resources Manager, after completing 8 years in corporate I left the job to live my dream.

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

I love to cook , rather I loved to cook variety of food, and whenever people it which is cooked by me I feel satisfied with happy faces so I thought why I can not start something different, thoughtful concept with food .. so I can achieved my moto with playing with raw food + happy faces + business…

What have been some of your achievements ?

I newly started Trunk Box of Hunger, before that I was taking order from my house kitchen, but now Trunk , is serving 5 gym’s every day with variety of smoothies and that’s my 1st achievement many more to goo.

The difference you have made to others

Badlapur ,Thane is near by Mumbai but is not a part of Mumbai so here people are not much aware about exotic vegetables and salads so I feel I m introducing new food and new taste to my city…

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Starting a new business is always risk for everyone, but in this journey my parents and love of my life, gave me lot of strength and confidence …go ahead and you will rock….

Anything else you wish to share

My wish is want to start my own Restaurant with very different concept which actually in my mind. Hope it will come soon out and people can enjoyed there quality time at my Restaurant…

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial journey

Egrowth can give more value to my business concept.

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

Marketing but in my city as of now .

Please share something for eGrowth

Hope eGrowth will give my business drastic change and guidance.

Anything else you would like to share or ask

This is first time, I put my thoughts and my achievements to platform like this. Hope you will find something different.


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