My Journey – Ashwini Dhuppe

Please tell us about yourself

Founder Director of E&G Innovative Education Pvt Ltd Leader of E3 – Entrepreneurs Energy Excellence Course Founder Leader of W3 – Women’s Wonderful World Course Mentor and Life Couch

Share about what you do

E&G Innovative Education Pvt Ltd We are working towards providing Complete Family Education which results into happy and fulfilled family life through it’s action-orientated innovative education. Headed by team of dynamic people who have a passion for training and development with rich experience in leading people for more than 2 decades. Till 2017 we have educated more than 2500 families through our unique courses i.e. E3-Entrepreneur’s Energy Excellence, W3-Women’s Wonderful World & C3-Children’s Creative Community. We are also creating Leaders for taking our company’s vision & mission to international level through our Commando Leaders Program also known as CLP.

Say something about your beginning

In the beginning it was not a business. It was just educating friends and family how to do business through E3 course. Then, we started getting results out of implementing the learning of E3. Finally, we came up with the company formation because if this has to go to masses we need to have business module working for it and also, we came up with W3 & C3 for a complete family education company. First 4 years just operating from Nashik and since 2016 till now we are in Jalgaon, Aurangabad, Thane & Pune (not to exclude the smaller cities like: Chalisgaon, Malegaon, Sangamner etc) Since 2012 we have gone up to 2500 families successfully teaching them Sutras of life. The uniqueness of the business is we don’t do advertisement of our educational courses. Only through quality services and participants causing breakthroughs in their life we get references from them. Only if our customers grow in life, reference business gets generated.

What have been some of your achievements

Created E&G Innovative Education Pvt Ltd which is the Fastest Growing Company by having presence in 4 districts with sustainable business module to take this company to National Level by 2021. Best Director Award by E&G Group of Companies Transformer Award by Landmark Education Award Winner of International Leader for Women Empowerment by World Leadership Federation in Dubai Best Women Entrepreneur Award by Marathwada Region Best Business Women Award by Lingayat Samaj Best Udyog Manini Award Designated Seminar Leader – Highest Result Producer Coached more than 5000 people Lead & Trained more than 1500 Entrepreneurs Lead “Women Empowerment Program” and trained more than 800 Women

The difference you have made to others

Vision – To Educate and Support Families to Live Fulfilled Life We strive for our vision and that’s the reason we could make difference in 2500 lives. On personal, family, business & social level our participants have grown. We make every individual first increase the circumferences of thinking and growing. Once we give the way of thinking then, we make them implement the way of acting. Finally comes the causing results in all areas of life (personal, family, business & social). We make them keep on repeating this same thing again and again which results in to Living Fulfilled Life. Our action oriented education programs are for everyone in the family. C3 – for 8 to 14 years of kids W3 – for 18 to 85 years of females E3 – for everyone who wants to fulfill the dreams of life from 18 to 85 years (male/ female)

What do you want to be acknowledged for

For the kind of work we are doing since(2012) when we are doing. Entrepreneurship/ Make in India and all boomed since BJP govt. has come in power but, we are doing this since 2012 and we were aware that this kind of education is missing in our school & colleges also, this way of thinking is missing in our families.
 Ashwini is the founder director of E&G Innovative Education Pvt Ltd, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
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