My Journey – Apurva Agarwal
Apurva Agarwal 8th March 2020 332Category: My Journey.(0)
My Journey - Apurva Agarwal

Please tell us about yourself?

Apurva Agarwal the founder is the head of design & business, works meticulously. She indulges herself in every step in every project. She offers endless solutions, through her 10+-year experience and practical knowledge that she gained over a period of time. With her talent of understanding the flow of fashion, she have achieves great heights. Her ideas offered more value in any project she worked in. Apurva is a woman of determination and her work is an inspiration to any ambitious women or man. Her contribution to the garment industry is more than just clothing, it’s developing a platform or style. Her ambition took her to many sections of the industry like finance, marketing, sales, production, development, etc. apart from her forte that’s design. Apurva is a woman with an eye of perfection and futuristic vision. Her achievements and awards since college are proof of her eagerness and zest towards her initiative.

Share about your business?

Outré Couture established in 2017, aims at innovation in design and business solution. The company has achieved great successes in a short period of time. The company got shortlisted as “10 Best Fashion Startups in India 2020” in Ceo insight business magazine where 50,000 magazine copies sent allover India and another achievement – Outré couture got selected as Company of the Year-2020 in The CEO Story.

Outré Couture is a supporting company for fashion brands, be it a start-up, independent organizations or large international company. We offer services that ensure fast tracking of our client’s strategies, business plans and more to pave the way for success in a new business environment. Being a solution-oriented company, we are proficient in creating a balance. We work extensively, both on the creative aspect & practical feasibility of any project or category at hand. The company had to jump into managing the production and allocation of work appropriately for effective results. We are successful as a company who caters to all kind of fashion services under a single umbrella, like Design, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Servicing planning, Job Opportunities, Fashion Forecast, IT solution and Offline/online business development.

Share something from your Corporate Career 

Currently, with the experience of 10+ years in this industry, Apurva has stepped in the shoes of various sectors of the industry. She got a real-time opportunity to play different roles such as a designer, buyer, director, and consultant. She has started her first job with Karan Johar and Varun Bahl as an Asst designer, after working in Bollywood industry; She wanted to understand the international market. As she was seeking zestfully and found a place as head designer in the brand FOREVER NEW and other small companies on the way up.

Deeply believing in her work and moving up the ladder step by step, has led to the existence by Outré Couture.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business? 

Inspiration has no limit, I always believed in change. The change is, You don’t require strong financial family support or belongs to be high society to start your own business, I believe, All you need is knowing problem in society, execution plan and believe yourself, I belong to a small town where every girl has only one dream to get married after 18 years.  CHANGING YOUR STUBBORN THOUGHTS, THIS CHANGE IS MY INSPIRATION.


What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

The company got shortlisted as “10 Best Fashion Startups in India 2020” in Ceo insight business magazine. We are already having two offices in two countries, and our next branch office will open in USA by next month.

Outré Couture is also launching a lingerie brand by 2020, and the name of the brand will be ‘Her Oomph’. We are investing around Rs.75 millions in this brand.

Holding the two company directors position in the fashion industry and associated with various Domestic and international brands, As I am also participating in various social women support community, Hopefully, We will be successful to start our new NGO to support women equal rights in coming years.


What do you want to be acknowledged for?

I want to be acknowledged for building a company that changes the vision of fashion industries with modernization way, for instance, to minimize the traditional approach challenges, we have developed our organization in such a flexible way that people can gradually understand the advantages of digitization and move from the traditional to the digital method. Our aim is to spread the awareness that digitization not only simplifies the process but also helps businesses grow at a fraction of the cost.

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