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Please tell us about yourself

A Lucknowite, been in Lucknow throughout. Did my schooling, college, graduation, management and job. Very close to this city as this city has seen all my cycles of life from a child to a girl to a lady and now to an Entrepreneur. Always been a science-maths student so there was only one option of myself turning into an Engineer. Tried twice but destiny had something else written for me. So here I am a risk taker, Confident, an independent person. My first job was with The Times Of India, joined on 1st Jan , 1990. Worked there for good 14 years as at that time there were hardly any Corporates in Lucknow but left in 2004 to join Modi Revlon and then Reliance Communications. .
So if you talk about my experience I worked in all for `18 years in Sales, Customer Care and Strategy Domains. This experience has really helped me in pursuing my passion of Startup Consulting. I have two wonderful sons aged 18 & 16 years old very supportive and loving.

Share about what you do

The name “ Club CafeBiz” is also deliberately chosen to be a catchy name. There is no physical café as such. Its all virtual. This is a platform wherein we develop a community of Entrepreneurs and Startups. We nurture Entrepreneurs and Startups and focus on doing hand holding with them. We aim to provide 360 degrees solution to any startups if required. It’s a lifetime membership based model. Wherein once someone becomes a member we do the profiling of an Entrepreneur and promote them on Social media. If they are looking for any more services like Marketing, PR, Sales, HR etc then there are various engagement models for them. We would like to become number 1 community wherein we help, promote and create sustainable entrepreneurs. In coming months & years we would be promoting our Entrepreneurs on a global level. Regular meet ups, workshops are there for engaging the community. In this platform we are just not publishing the story of an Entrepreneur but at the same time promoting them across, rendering various services when required. It is a one stop shop solution to an Entrepreneurs. From Ideation, validation, Strategy, marketing & even funds are taken care of by us. We would like to share schemes of MSME’s , NSIC to the Entrepreneurs and Startups so that they can utilize the schemes for their businesses. Being a Tier two city people here have less exposure of these things. So these workshops create an awareness among startups and entrepreneurs.

Say something about your beginning

My Childhood years were fantastic and quite a remembrance of all those years. I was a tomboy always there to protect my sisters. Business came into my life after working for 18 years. It was not all of a sudden but slowly this seed of entrepreneurship was reaping in my mind and finally took off in 2008.

What have been some of your achievements

I am a fellow of ISB Hyderabad of Goldman Sach’s program for Women Entrepreneurs. Got felicitated at many platforms for Entrepreneurship

The difference you have made to others

As by virtue I have a habit of helping others. This has given me an edge in my work too. I am mentor with many startups and enjoy helping and supporting them.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

A humble person who have a rich heart

Anything else you wish to share

A message for women entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship is a very beautiful journey although there are many ups and downs but the end result is absolutely wonderful. I as an Entrepreneur really enjoy each and every moment of this journey. Even if I have seen failures but still I came back with a bang. Every second can be a successful one or a failure. So we need to be positive all the time and take things as it comes. Also, if we are passionate about Entrepreneurship if we trust on our hard work, our ability and have faith in God then there is nothing which can stop us. We become Unstoppable.
So this is a Challenging, difficult world but at the same time it’s a beautiful place which gives you satisfaction, increases more confidence and above all we create job for others. We are responsible for giving livelihood to so many people.
So ride on this wonderful road called “ Entrepreneurship”

  Aparna Mishra is the founder of Club CafeBiz – The community for startups in Lucknow


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