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Please tell us about yourself

I hail from a Business Family, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Consultant, currently heading operations at Yashuss Unlimited, company that I co-founded with my partner for life. I define myself to be among the 2% of Living Population who facilitates 3% of Living Population (The Visionaries) to achieve their dream. I live on a Mission – 1 Lakh smiles. A Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College, SNDT Alumni with interests in Traveling, Exploring & Reading.

Share about what you do

I co-founded a company in the name of “Yashuss Unlimited”, where we provide Business Process Solutions along with Machine Manufacturing. The whole idea is to cover the spectrum of being an intelligent machine manufacturer combining technology to the machines to make it work as connected factories for our clients.

Say something about your beginning

Born in a Gujarati Nuclear Family, brought up in Mumbai. I was a timid, underweight and fearful girl during my childhood. My parents played a very important role in what I am today. We got the freedom to take decisions, we had freedom to make mistakes and learn. My parents never told us (my sisters and myself) that we are girls and lesser than boys, they stood in front of every outsider who could possibly bother or influence us with the thought that we are girls and we were suppose to do and what not. Though we know, they had their own good time of people bombarding about how unfortunate they were to not have a son who will continue their family name. My parents shaped our reality, we are equals, we are only physically different from a male. My father is my first Business Guru, joining him in his business was my best decision. I learned the real life lessons – crucial of all (I believe) is how to manage and arrange finance. A business existence depends on how cash flow is managed. Second most important Business Lesson I gained in my early days with my father was being assertive and focused on Goals.

What have been some of your achievements

1) First Female in Sudan Market way back in 2003
2) Recognition as Top 10 Thinker 2015 for contribution in Entrepreneur Development by MTC Global

The difference you have made to others

As a Coach and Trainer, I got to know my special skill to identify spark in individuals. And I am glad, few of them have shaped their life. Wake up Quotes helped to touch many between 2013- 2016. Thanks to WhatsApp I was able to spread smiles each day. I do believe, we need to create a balance, by giving back to society. I do contribute by giving my time, knowledge in area of Education and Health.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Spreading Smiles!
 Ami Sheth is a Transformation Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, She co-founded  Yashuss Unlimited Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India
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