MSM Reporter (May 30, 2019) : Top 12 Trending International Education News

May 30, 2019:

Would you like to know about the overseas education trends around the world; or the latest laws and orders governing students abroad; or other top-trending international education news? MSM Reporter has the latest updates for you. Subscribe now and get the regular dose of global education news in your mailbox. Read on…

Team M Square Media brings to you yet another collection of top international news pertaining to the education sector in this exclusive edition of MSM Reporter

M Square Media (MSM) supports educational institutions who are at different stages of engagement with students in India. Whether your institution is seeking partnerships and strategic associations with global institutions and companies to partner with, you want to develop a sustainable operational model, or you want to understand what your competition is up to – our experts are well placed to support you. MSM supports several institutions and offers customized services based on the needs of our clients. We are privileged to work with some of the most widely- recognized education brands from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Passion for education fuels everything we do and drives us to achieve success. From product development and service innovation, we’ve evolved from a traditional communications company to an innovative education solutions provider that assists international students across colleges and universities worldwide.

As a part of our contributions towards the international education domain, we are thrilled to mention the exclusive MSM Reporter which aims to support the worldwide knowledge base of international educators by sharing the TOP 12 TRENDING international news on a weekly basis. Subscribe for free today to receive Top 12 Trending International Education News in your inbox every Thursday.

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