Logistics growth in India
Mithlesh-Jha 4th November 2018 1239Category: Industry.(0), My Business.(0)

Opportunity in Logistic sector in India
As lot of the economic experts worldwide express their view on Indian economy that it will be the growth engine of world economy for next 20 year. Now India is 6 biggest economy of the world and it will be in top 5 in next one year.
this growth is mainly due to service sector and manufacturing sector.
it is known fact that growth in manufacturing sector means a lot of job creation, more money in more hands, more shopping and prosperity overall.
I lot of international companies are shifting their manufacturing base in India, this is due to very big domestic market, cheap workforce and improved infrastructure.
all the above scenario, clearly suggest a lot of opportunity in India logistic sector. An average of 10% share on gdp belongs to logistic sector. In developed country it is 8-9% but in developing countries it is 11-12%.
to be competitive in export we need to reduce % logistic cost.
hopefully, with every of our further infrastructure development in road, rail, inland waterways, this cost will reduce in India.
Any player who wanted to involve in this growth this is the right time, but it is not a short term game.
Hopefully, the above will help to general people to understand logistic more.

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