Light a Diya on 4th and 5th April ’20 read to know why
Sshree-Iyer 3rd April 2020 210Category: Health and Wellbeing.(0)

April 4th is Kamada Ekadeshi As its name suggests, “Kamada Ekadashi” grants all your wishes and hence it is also known as Falda Ekadashi and April 5th is “Vamana Dwadashi.” On that day, the earth gets maximum light from Sun and this empowers disease causing viruses. The virus is a evil entity and it thrives in darkness. According to Adiyogi Purana, one way to destroy such evil entities is to focus light on it, like we do with magnifying glass and sun’s rays. It’s towards this that the Prime Minister has asked for us to switch off all lights in our house (too bright), and use a focused, small light to show our support. The small focus of all our candles, diyas etc will focus into a powerful beam and strike at the heart of the coronavirus so that we can all celebrate the true Ram Navami a few days later to the scheduled date. Unlike earlier attempts, this is not a masterstroke from our PM. This is a masterbeam!*

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