Let Workshare Secure be your EMAIL GENIE
PRIME INFOTECH 10th June 2021 88Category: Services.(0)

Have you ever sent the wrong email to the right person?

Or the right email to the wrong person?

Of course you have. We all have. Email-related mistakes are part and parcel of the digital professional life.

Some of these mistakes can be laughed off as funny ‘bloopers’.

But some of these bloopers can turn into massive catastrophes.

A lost deal, an angry customer, a collapsing company – all these can result from a careless email mistake.

Even knowing this, we don’t spend as much time as we should double-checking that communiqué before sending it out into cyberspace. Frantically trying to recall or delete that email after it has already left your inbox is just an exercise in frustration, despair and yes, even fear.

Want to turn back the clock?

Now you can – with Workshare Secure!

How can Workshare Secure be your EMAIL GENIE?

When you send an email, Workshare Secure uses patented DeltaView comparison technology to check an email’s components, right from the header to its attachments.

This smart, supportive system tracks and scans all outbound emails and builds a picture of what constitutes usual email activity in your company. The data is then collected and analyzed to provide an overview of the information flowing out of your company. Your company’s administrator will be alerted to any suspicious activity which they can then either authorize or contain before it becomes a catastrophe. Workshare Secure ensures complete data protection and email integrity so you no longer have to worry about sending emails to ashok@competitor.com!

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