Learning & Development

We (EBN Learning Private Limited) are world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Business Development) Network. We are an integrated, dynamic ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Business and Start-Ups. Over the years our reach has grown to over 9000 entrepreneurs across 80+ cities in India and abroad.

At eGrowth we believe

An organization that stops Learning stops Growing.

Learning & Development is the 4th pillar under Excellence in eGrowth framework. We are committed that your business excels. For this it is important for you to be on the cutting edge of life. To enable this we bring opportunities for you to learn and enable your organizations as well


Business Development

  • We focus on just 3 aspects of Business – Objectives, Strategy and Tactics to grow your business

Soft Skills

  • These are very important for customer creation and retention.

Life Skills

  • We have a set of champions from various walks of life who help you to ‘detoxify’ your life and continue on the growth path


We can also help you identify trainers for areas like LEAN Manufacturing, or some more specific areas.

Our endeavour is to constantly add value to your business. We get our hands dirty so that you can spend some extra quality time with your family


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