Leadership Potential of Organization
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 187Category: Learning & Development.(0)

ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP is the sum total of the Leadership Expression of all leaders..

However, this expression is in full action, only when,

– the thoughts, actions and energy of each leader is in synergy with the thoughts, actions and energy of all the other leaders.

– And the existing cumulative thoughts, ideas, actions and energy are aligned to ORGANIZATIONAL VISION.

Even when the Leadership expression is completely expressed, under this leadership expression, at each individual level, lies an whole area of Leadership Potential, which either a leader is unaware of, or if aware.. its still untapped.

How would the world look, and Results be.. if all cumulative synergized organizational LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL is expressed in ALIGNMENT with ORGANIZATIONAL VISION.

The CEO should be aware of this untapped potential present in the organization. The first step to get the best out of the leaders is to be aware of the deep Leadership Potential pool available in the organization. This can be done by administering the Leadership Assessments, so that the available strengths of the leader can be tapped and connected with the situation he can handle the best.

It is essential for the Business Owner and the visionary to have this information and knowledge ready, such that it can be plugged at the right time.

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