Leadership is Passé. Quality of Leadership is important.
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 177Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Just being a leader does not give the desired results. Effective Leadership is a measure of the quality of leadership and it is about getting results forwarding the Organizational / Family goals.

Effective Leadership is an inside out process. The more synergy you are with the three spaces –

·         People (others),

·         Environment

·         and Self

the more Effective, and forwarding are the results.

It is the energy you emit, in terms of your Thoughts, Language and Actions, that decide the Effectiveness of the Results. Thus, the preparation of the action is far more important than what we have a view of.

The cutting difference between a Leader and an Effective Leader is self-awareness and response to the three spaces with Synergy.

1)      People Synergy –

i)        Interpersonal Relationships – Synergy with family, team, friends and other people integral to your life. #interpersonalrelationships, The quality of conversations, influencing skills, Listening, Conflict resolution. The oneness you share with others and the oneness others, impacting you, share with each other.

2)      Environment synergy –

i)        Organization / Family Culture– Being able to understand the fabric of the organizational culture through synergy, get the frequency of their energy, and respond to their sensitivities and needs of the various groups in the organization (or family), and align the groups to the organizational (or family) Goals.

ii)       Situations – Gauge the Situation and Sensitivities of the People and Environment in those situations. Synergize with the environment and yet view the situation as if you were an outsider and take appropriate action.

3)      Synergy with SELF – This is the most important synergy as however conducive the situation and people may be, your inner self defines your response.

i)        Self-Awareness – Being in synergy with your strengths and Gifts.

ii)       Being Skilled (not trained) to go beyond your barriers to effectiveness – Fears, Doubts, Anxiety, unproductive habits, Biases (Negative Biases and Unconscientious Biases )

Quality of Leadership is Effective, only when you are in synergy with these 3 spaces.

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