Lead Generation Redefined

We understand how important it is for your to create new opportunities for your business. As a true partner in your growth, we have simplified this for you.

Here is how we support you. You can post your requirements and offers on eGrowth marketplace.

Your Opportunities can be of two types – 

Requirement – an opportunity to buy

Offer – an opportunity to sell

You can categorize your opportunities – 

  • What is the opportunity – Product, Service or People
  • Category of the opportunity
  • Specify the location of the opportunity

Make it specific – 

  • Give a brief headline which can be shared
  • Give an exact description
  • Define the quantity / units

Provide the supporting stuff – 

  • Attach documents
  • Attach images
  • or attach YouTube URL for video

Go ahead and post your first opportunity

Respond to the opportunities listed  here-

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