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What is Laugh Lines

This book is not meant to turn you into a Superhuman, a Billionaire or The Perfect Person. You’ll need to use the services of a Magician for meeting those objectives.

☺ I don’t prescribe any GRQ (get rich quick) schemes in this book, but I do prescribe GHQ (get happy quick) schemes and strategies in this book. ☺

The ideas, content and thoughts expressed in this book are as original and authentic as possible. But who am I to dare to create those original ideas and thoughts?

All ideas come to us when we have a knowledge base. That knowledge base comes to us when we learn from others by reading their book or about them from social media; watching their videos or directly talking to them.

However, it would be incorrect to say, that I didn’t get inspired by some great souls. Not all ideas or words can be claimed by one humble person called CK, to be his own.

Creating Happiness Recipes

Being a 24×7 lifelong learner, I learnt several of the ideas that I have written about in Laugh Lines while participating in various workshops, reading books and posts on WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sources.

These were actually meant to be the essential raw materials for me to create the Happiness Recipes that I am serving you with lots of love.

And then I applied accelerator to my creatives horses to develop my own thoughts, ideas, tools, techniques and processes.

Is Laugh Lines for you!!

Don’t worry about how old you are at this moment in time. Although the book has been designed to serve the mature audience above 40 years, simply, because I needed to keep a particular person in my mind when I was writing the book.

Even if you are 10, 20, 30 or 35 years old, you will get tons of value and benefits by going through this book. In fact, the earlier in your life you read this book, the better it is for you because you are fortunate that the time is on your side. You can become happier sooner because you have not accumulated large baggage of successes and failures.

Our experiences, as well as prior notions, sometimes hinder us from fresh learning and therefore, there is no “unlearning” required from your side.

The goal of this book is to make you (my lovely reader) ready for re-defining, re-orienting, re-engineering, re-learning, re-programming, and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul to prepare for the journey ahead.

I want to ensure that you can imbibe all the practices, techniques and processes in this book for getting enough happiness and laughter in your life, that you can boast about permanent laugh lines on your face.

I would like you to remember these moments that we are going to spend together, from now onwards till you have finished reading this book to be “the most memorable and happiest moments of your life”.

Whenever you want to have happy moments again, you can revisit this book, and you will be able to recall all the joyous moments we spent together when you were reading Laugh Lines for the first time. A question only for those who are reading this book nth time: were those moments great? Of course, they were because you enjoyed it so much that you are back with me again. ☺

Your Place To Go for Happiness In Your Life

Consider using this book as a “Happiness Manual” or a “place to go to” for clearing your doubts on what lies between yourself and the happiness in your life.

If you are not clear on what path or direction you are going to take when you are sad, stuck or confused, this book will definitely help you as an “advisor”.

If you have determined to live a happy and joyful life, and have resolved to make everyone around you to enjoy and lead a happy life, you definitely belong to my audience.

Here’s an open invitation to you and the people around you, to join my Happiness Institute and like my Happiness Hub.

Laugh Lines will show you a path to create a life full of freedom from worries, bosses, losses, anxieties, tensions and freedom all kinds of stress if that is what you are looking for.

If you like this book you may go ahead and recommend it to all your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, irrespective of their age, because if it helped you in any manner, the chances are that they will like it as well, and they will thank you for it.

This book is my humble and sincere attempt to make sure you don’t have to go through all the tough situations, issues, problems, challenges and pit moments faced by me.

Therefore you won’t have to re-invent the wheel to get a solution when you want to recover from similar situations.

Laugh Lines will save you lots of time and efforts in experimenting with your own solutions, inconveniences. Just go ahead and pat your back for deciding to buy and read this book, while I pat mine for writing this book. ☺

I promise the language of this book is going to be as simple, jargon-free and friendly, as I speak normally to my circle of friends and you are also one among them now. ☺

So what are you waiting for. Go and grab a copy   and give me a good review after reading it.

Thanks in advance.
Happiness Coach CK Arora

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