Keeping Up with Content Changes with Workshare Compare
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In the digital world, everywhere you turn, you will hear the words ‘Content is king’.

But have you ever heard the words ‘Content is a pain’?

Well, it can be! Or at least, changes to content can!

When content changes, it can have implications for people and businesses – and not all of them good. Changed content affects the meaning of documents and agreements. It can cause rework and misunderstandings. It can lead to data losses and breaches, and render processes, policies and rules obsolete. It can also cause damage to an organization’s financial health and reputation.

But if you’re a Workshare Compare user, you won’t face these problems, because the solution is designed to make tracking content changes a breeze.

Since 1999, Workshare – whose tagline ‘Change Matters’ says it all – has always tried to understand how content changes and how it can affect business objectives and outcomes. Over the past few years, they have been working on newer, more efficient ways to analyze content and its many aspects, including how and where it’s produced, how it’s shared and by whom, and why context is so important for content.

Workshare’s innovations are focused on helping customers understand and manage content changes while protecting it from unscrupulous entities.

Content is the goal, Partnerships are the key

Workshare partners with a number of law firms to put a machine learning layer into their flow of outbound emails. This enables these firms to monitor their email attachments, which in turn helps them identify ‘normal’ behavior patterns. Any behavior that deviates from this normal would be flagged as ‘unusual’. By differentiating between normal and unusual, firms can see and understand the sharing activity – both unintentional and deliberate – that’s putting their content, and subsequently their company and client data at risk.

Enhanced data security with Workshare Compare

Workshare Compare is a world-class solution that helps users understand how content changes in documents. More importantly, it integrates content comparison in the places where it’s created and edited most frequently to simplify the process.

Its comparison tool is fully integrated into the NetDocuments content services cloud platform to provide browser-based comparison capability. With this feature, users can perform DeltaView content comparisons directly in their familiar DMS environment without any 3rd-party software. This functionality enhances their NetDocuments experience, brings greater flexibility and mobility to the content review process, and takes a lot of the pain and hassle out of document comparison.

Workshare Selective Compare for snippets and spreadsheets

Workshare already makes it possible to compare different types of files (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.). However, in the past, it was rarely possible to compare snippets (text or code), images or tables.

But now this is very much possible – with Workshare Selective Compare!

With this functionality, users can review one paragraph, clause or image in a long, complex document without running a redline on all the content. With a simple ‘drag and drop’ action, the content to be reviewed can be dropped into the frame, and the software will do the rest.

With Workshare Selective Compare, you can even compare Excel files – whole workbooks or individual spreadsheets – with precision and accuracy.

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