Is Leadership becoming specialized?
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 208Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Often in the zest to excel in our professional life, we identify the areas where we face challenges and focus our energies to excel in those. Well, that’s the way we have been brought up. If the child is weak in mathematics, we ask him to put his time and energy in mathematics, and not on English, which he may be good at.

Many organizations, struggle with leaders not being able to anchor their teams well, while they could be visionaries. Or the leader may be a good coach but not a good commander. How come as an organization, we conduct our business, with the fact, that the leader should be both, commander and visionary. The truth is, most people are not. I have seen many CEOs and business owners struggle when they demand and expect all leadership aspects from their leader. It is thus important of the organization to identify the inner strengths of the leader– his beliefs, values, and self-concept, which drive his character and thus impact the outer behavior and expression of the leader.

Changing someone’s beliefs and values is an unrewarded effort. What is rewarding is to align the specific aspect of leadership (visionary, ambition, drive, coaching, etc) to the leader’s values and beliefs i.e. his inner core. You may get results then. Work on the strengths and gifts, rather than their shortcomings.

Sure, you will not get everything from the same person, at least you will get the best from his best.

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