Is Changing Business Environment, an emergence of New Leadership Traits
Divya-Nagpal 13th May 2020 208Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Change is in process and we don’t not know what the end will look like. Is this the last time the change is happening in the business environment? Of course not, in fact the way it is predicted, the businesses will see frequent and bigger changes.

What should the leader be like to withstand and deliver results in such changing environment.

  • Reconstructive thinking – Anyone who is able to deconstruct the prevailing concepts and create new contexts which will give birth to new concepts will emerge as a leader. Such mindset will support creativity and uniqueness to the products and services. Such contextual alterations in thinking and conversations, create new market demands and assure birth of new offerings
  • Ability to make sense from changes around you – The changes happen around you at a fast pace, and before one can conclude, the change has changed. The ability to make sense of the change, itself at each step can confuse some people, while others assimilate the information and make decisions much faster, beating the change in the race. Such leaders provide services and products to the market.
  • Create opportunity from the chaos – While the majority of the business leaders may stop working, awaiting business / industry / regulatory rules and norms to be created. There are some business leaders, who take the change as an opportunity and sign contracts, even outside of their own industry. .Is there a risk involved in this, yes of course there is a risk. But then what is leadership in a comfort zone.
  • Respond quickly – You cannot respond to the changes, without applying thinking. However, the time you take to apply thinking and take the next step should be quickest. When business changes are happening, competition is also high, the faster the leader aligns his actions to the changes, the faster are the results. And you build credibility in adversity
  • Resilience – the ability to bounce back. Resilience requires a strong inner core. When business changes happen, the leader needs to ‘hold on’ in the situations and gauge the changes, evaluate them, make a small move, test the water, take the learning, and move the next step forward. This is bouncing forward.
  •   Care and support – People remember people, who have helped them in distress. Business owners and organizations also remember leaders, who have supported them in distress.

So what should a leader do to grow in adverse changing business environment?

Stop ‘Hold Yourself’, on the wavy step that you are. Check how shaky is the next step. Evaluate your preparedness, do you have the resources, capacity, capability for the next step. Move forward with fear. Put your foot forward and step on the next step. Take the learning and take the yet next step.

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