Introducing eGrowth Rewards Program

We are pleased to introduce the first ever eGrowth Rewards Program. We value your contribution to the platform so we reward you for all your actions. We have listed here some of the questions that you may have –

How does this rewards program work?

You get rewarded with points for the activities you do on the platform. Once you collect the points you can redeem them against various services and offers form eGrowth and our partners. You can also offer your services / products against this rewards program.

What benefits do I get?

As a thumb rule a point is valued at INR 10. (This value can change in future. The value prevailing at the time of redemption will be considered) Here is a list of activities and the points you earn against them.

How can I keep track of the points I have earned?

  • You can visit your cabinet and there is a section – My Points where you can see the points you have earned

How do I redeem these points?

  • To redeem the points you need to be a subscriber of eGrowth
  • You can use these points to become a subscriber
  • There are a number of offers form our subscribers and partners, which you can choose to redeem your points

What is the validity of eGrowth Rewards Points

  • eGrowth Rewards Points are valid for 3 months and must be redeemed within this period

What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • The value of 1 point is Rs 10 (INR). This can change without notice
  • The value equivalent at the time of redemption will be considered
  • You have to be a premium subscriber to redeem these points
  • However you can use these points be pay for the subscription of your choice
  • The fee for participating in the Rewards Program is Rs 100 per month
  • The rewards are valid for 3 months

If you have any questions, you may write to us 

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