How to keep Children busy during the COVID 19 Lockdown.
Kirti-Bajpai 1st April 2020 185Category: Health and Wellbeing.(0)

Few activities to keep children busy during the Covid-19 lock down:
1. Fun and love- I would suggest that you become kid’s too , by remembering your childhood. As getting angry and frustrated will only distance them from you.This is the best time to be a child with your kid and enjoy the moment.

2. Patience & Focus- You can ask your child to make a tower from plastic or disposable glasses…if you have two kids or an adult to accompany your child it will be more fun. Let the taller tower made by the participant win…Applaud the efforts. This will help them learn patience and improve their eye hand coordination.

3. Recognition of Letters/ Akshars-You can make chits of English Alphabets and Hindi Akshars separately. Mix few chits and ask the child to take out a specific letter or akshar.

4.Activating the long term memory- You can even ask them to draw one object that begins with the specific letter/ akshar or ask them to name all the words they know, that begins with the specific letter/ akshar. This will help in reinforcement of the letter and object.They would be able to relate more with those letters/akshars later.Here the learning will be long lasting.

5. Recognition of Colours- You can ask your child along with other family members to blow few balloons.Thereafter ask them to bring a specific colour balloon. You can even write English Alphabet or Hindi Akshar on each blown up balloon using a sketch pen.Thereafter ask them to recognise the letter/akshar.

6. Bonding- Hide and seek is fun and it increase the bonding between the child and the parent. 6. Take responsibilty- Ask them to do small tasks , so they feel a part of the family. Ask them for suggestions on any concern which is age appropriate.

7. While keeping the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, let them guess the name.. Feel privileged to get this quality time with your kid which you have been longing enjoy this moment and make full use of it. Happy bonding !

Dr.Kirti Bajpai
Psychologist Counselor

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