How To Fulfill Your Goal, 4 Lessons From Nature
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 199Category: Learning & Development.(0)

I would look at my plants in my house and Wonder!

For some of you who know me, know my love of Green Pastures, Saplings and Fruits Germinating on trees.

Amongst my green pastures in my house, there is a chickoo mini tree. Since last 4 years, every year, we see flowers becoming fruits and chickoos emerge. Chickoos grow up to 1 inch and never grow beyond it.

A Fortnight back, I planted different plants around the tree, in the some soil. And to my surprise, they are growing faster than expected.

Watching nature. I realize. My lessons

1. The plant needs clean air. You have a Dream. The thoughts germinate in your brain. Dream requires positive, actionable thoughts. Grow thoughts of positivity and avoid thought of self-doubt, fear, stress, anxiety stagnant the Growing of your Dream.

2. Different dreams require different energy. Know the energy and the inputs required for fulfillment of your dream and put that energy.

3. Everyday Water and Nurture your dream. Have fertile thoughts in your brain moment by moment. Daily small thoughts will get you the fruit. The day positive actionable thoughts stop, the fruit dream, despite growing up to 1 inch stops growing and, you do not get experience of the fulfillment of the dream.

4. Prioritize your dream and act on the goals fulfilling that Dream, when two goals are equally important and dreams equally inspiring, Give energy and time to both goals. Avoid 1 goal overshadow the other.

Focus on your dream and enjoy the experience of fulfillment.

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