Divya-Nagpal 16th March 2021 156Category: Learning & Development.(0)
I was asked this question & have penned down couple of initial thoughts
Interviewing Failures can be avoided both ontologically  & in action
a. Preparation– Though we know, but don’t prepare before interview. Each time, you are in a different mental space, have discovered new happenings, new challenges & learning’s have emerged, CEO has new perspective, organization is adapting to changed market. Always have question set. Eg Tailor takes fresh measurements each time, he does not work on assumption
b. Avoid Biases– Similarity, Stereotyping, Halo, First Impression, Non Verbal, Horn effect, Contrast
c. Document findings &judgment, immediately
d. No one is 100% fit, even you are not
a. Prime your mind –I know it all – is a myth. How about asking yourself ‘What if, I use his skills/qualities in my work – how will it add value to my deptt/ org
b. Ask
i Who am I really being in the interview – Is it caring, listener, dominant, the boss, curious etc
ii Who am I required to be
c Avoid thoughts as
i I know what he is saying
ii he actually means this
Would love to hear the difficulty you face during interviews. Let us support each other

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