How do you really look at Reality ?
Pure Energy Academy 16th June 2020 349Category: General.(0)
We all deal with Reality.
But we have two realities operating all the time, one outside us another one inside us.
The way we deal with outside reality depends on how we deal with our inner reality.
While dealing with outside reality we often create inner discomfort.
Let me explain you how?
When we look at anything from the window of our experiences from the past, it can create pain or disappointment.
When we look the event from the window of the present we often create future uncertainty.
Very interestingly when the present becomes past and we go in the future and then look at our past, we find things that happened which were necessary to create the present.
We miss to look everything as perfect and be the witness all the time.
Imagine, if we can change our reality and walk in to some other reality?
Yes, it is possible to walk in to Any Parallel Reality but for that you need to understand Parallel Reality first.

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