How do Leaders deal with Breakdown?
Divya-Nagpal 28th April 2020 201Category: Learning & Development.(0)

‘Leadership is about leaping head in adversity’.We have read this. But how? Generally human brain freezes with fear&then actions are difficult to take. Any actions happening are full of fear & non forwarding. So how does one know real breakdown? I consider these steps, when in breakdown
1. Acknowledge the fear
2. You can seek clarity
3. What is the financial loss, Is it opportunity/real
4.For how long will breakdown continue
5.What is the product life? For how long can the product/service remain unspoilt? In service, how long can the client wait for
6.What stage of production/service did the breakdown happen. Are you left with raw material/finished goods. In service,how much of time & cost has already been invested? Was the breakdown,due to transport strike when sale was being serviced? Or when the client was about to sign a deal. Consider,in product, loss is higher in later stage, but in service, loss may be higher in the earlier stage of process
7. How urgent &critical is it for the client to be serviced
8. Is there real credibility loss

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