Here is How to Measure your time to your advantage
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 171Category: Learning & Development.(0)

How much time do you spend time in a day, on Elevating your life, Career and Enriching your Soul? And How many hours do you spend regularly, to ensure, that allotted tasks are happening the way they are meant to be.

I typically classify the routine hours as “Maintenance Hours” and the Creative hours as “Designing Hours”. Honestly, I am yet to find a good name for the same. And I have experienced the emotion, feeling that runs inside when you create something new.

In personal life, exercising, driving, are all maintenance hours.

Teaching a new behavior or value to your child, Starting to learn dance or a new instrument, conversing with people of different cultures, building new relationships and Bonding, takes you to a new level of satisfaction and is forwarding you & your loved one’s life.

In career, Strategizing business goals, Designing a new initiative, which engages your stakeholders, gives them more value, elevates their performance, take the organization forward, are all “designing hours”.

The instant rewards of time spent on designing hours is mental elevation, feeling of abundance (varies for each person) and the long term rewards are higher productivity, the profits, and bottom line of the company

The Periodic Team reviews, Dashboards, Grievance handling, are all Maintenance hours.

The maintenance hours are also very important.

Have you looked at reviewing how many hours are being spent on Maintenance and how many on Designing. Worth the review. More time as Designing hours, more one moves forward in life.

Check out. Maybe you get a new perspective for 2020.

will make you move forward in life. I usually group time into two brackets – creation and maintenance.

All the hours or minutes spent in ensuring that work is happening the way it should be is maintenance time.

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