HealthCare and HealthTech Start-ups “The Medical Supporters of India”
Shruti-Agarwal 1st February 2019 518Category: Startups.(0)

“No excuses! It doesn’t matter where you have been or where you are. The only thing that matters is where you are going” 

India, the rapidly growing nation with population of billions, is laying thousands of milestones in every sector, from growing economy to surge of medical sciences. Even after witnessing this surge, India still lags behind, carrying poverty, infirm nutrition and unemployment. To get the best for these three, India seem concerned to HealthCare and HealthTech Start-ups.

“To encounter the nation with technology for health”, is what HealthTech start-ups are seem concerned over. Supporting finance with helping health support using modern technology  is the complete plan layout of these startups. But still the query prevails,

What is up with HealthTech Start-ups?

Providing visibility to hospitals and doctors is what for the HealthTech Start-ups are growing up day by day and to get more for this motive, they are up with list of facilities,

  1. The mobile blood banks

The modern answer to the always existing concern of requirements of blood is by the complete visible records for everyone. Start-ups are up with technology to interact with blood banks and aid them to keep records. Along with keeping records, helping patients to interact with banks to support for blood and availability under a single software.

BloodPlus is a Bangalore based Indian start-ups, which is build on complete user friendly interface and works with public interaction, where people could register to donate blood and patients can look for the nearest donor.

Together in hearing and visual aids

To support the citizens suffering with imperfections in hearing and seeing, start-ups are up to provide hearing and visual aids to the patients. Bringing up software which could read aloud the text you select and can magnify the visuals which users find difficult to visualise, is their prime concern.

Nowadays, mobile phones have the pre build accessibility feature to support. Along with it Tinnitus relief is an mobile application to help the cause.

  1. A tap, to ambulance

Just like cabs, ambulances are also not too far away. Boomed with technology, nowadays hospitals and ambulance are growing to help patients with just a single tap.  The start-ups are presently launching Ambulance service via the Android app which helps users in gaining quick access to an ambulance during the wee hours with proper medical assistance.

G1- Call Ambulance is an android app concerned to call for a nearest ambulance to you location with its inbuilt application software.

  1. The pill reminders

To give relief to patients of tracking their regular pills is the main vision of several applications and software. Working to get a regular interaction to patients pills, the application store the data about the pill, time and intervals to repeat, expiry dates and the number of days to encounter.

Bringing up a one stop platforms to never miss regular pills with an user friendly interface is worthy enough to rely. Pill reminder and medication tracker is one of the thousand other pill reminding application on Android.

  1. Boon from Smart Watches

One of the major upgrade in HealthTech sector is of Smart Watches. The facilities to track your body’s internal participation by the help of your external body is the concept which makes them worthy. These watches correspondingly reads the heart rate, measures of calories, the number of steps taken and along with it, the sleep correspondence chart which can help to track the number of efficient sleep hours.

Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and Xiamoi Miband are some of the major players in smartwatch business and the leading Tech-giants existing in the market.

  1. The support for females

To solve the concern for periodic menstrual and ovulation conditions, mobile software and application are working to track the dates such that the user can be taught and prepared about their cycles, before the actual encounter.

Period tracker flo is one of the tracking application available on google Play Store, to install for free.

« Statistical fact :

  • As per Startup Healthcare statistics, 7500+ healthcare startups are developing globally, 298 of which are India based.
  • India Brand Equity estimates that Indian health tech market is poised to reach $280 billion by year 2020 and had cross about $160 billion milestone in the year 2017»

HealthCare and HealthTech Start-ups are growing with pace in India, and to support them, Indian accelerators namely HealthStart India and InnAccel limited are up to see a boom of health care technology in India. Share with us your opinions on the topic in the comments section below.

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