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Hemal 27th August 2019 35Category: General. ()


The reason why we suggest you to eat kadi patta for weight loss is that they help in digesting food and keeping your gut healthy, which in turn accelerates your metabolism, thus helping in weightloss. Curry leaves have soothing properties which not just improve digestion but also repair the intestinal walls.

One of the best ways to use this spice to lose weight is drinking curry leaves water every morning on an empty stomach. To make curry leaves water –

Take around 30 to 40 curry leaves and boil them in a glass of water.
After a few minutes, strain the tea to remove the leaves.
You can add a dash of honey and lemon juice to improve the taste.
Your fat-burning curry leaves tea is now ready to be consumed.
To get optimal results, drink curry leaves tea every day on an empty stomach at least for a month. Else, simply eat 10-15 raw kadi patta leaves in the morning and drink warm water after that.

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