Hashtag eGrowth

Ever wondered

how would your business be when there is exponential growth.

This thought gives butterflies in my stomach. Just the thought that there can be growth at such a fast pace makes me go numb.

I was reading this article – How many cells do we have in our body? and got to read the following –

we can approximate to about 10-50 trillion. Cells are always created and destroyed in the human body. About 300 million cells die every minute in our bodies! Since different cells have different jobs in our body, there are about 210 different “types” of cells.

Another way to look at it is

300 million cells grow every minute in a human body

What this means is Exponential Growth is in our DNA. And if it is so, we just need to dig into that knowledge and apply it to our business. Our body is a network of cells who do the following every moment.

  • nurture growth
  • execute functions
  • mitigate challenges
  • attack enemy

Welcome to the world of #eGrowth

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